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Stop Censoring Our Games Cry Babies
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 18 comments

Now I know this is old news but I wanted to talk about this issue as a whole. Lady Killer in a Bind is a yuri visual novel that explores sexualily in good or cringy ways depending on who you’re asking. But the thing I’m here to talk about is the unnecessary removal of one scene. Yeah, that’s right. We’re here to talk about rape again! Oh goodie. This was the reason behind the removal of said rape scene:

“The original goal of the scene was to demonstrate a darker—certainly not safe IRL—fantasy to contrast with the safety of the Beauty’s arc. But even after multiple revisions, clearly a lot of players were extremely uncomfortable with its presence, and still ended up being blindsided—I think I failed to account for the player’s context, and I’d rather the scene be gone than make anyone else uncomfortable. My apologies to anyone who was upset by it. (In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve uploaded the full script of the now-deleted scene, so you can see what was removed.)”

I can’t take a “rape scene” seriously when the guy is shouting this at me.

Now, looking past the cringey dialogue that people say the game is known for, Christine Love, was kind enough to place the rape scene script in a pastebin for all us sick folks to view (are you can find the unpatch version of the game like me). Now I’m not sure who to be more mad at, Christine Love for listening to the dumb people complaints and removing it, or the people who complained about a scene that they could have easily skipped. I guess I’ll complain about the latter. Why the fuck are you complaining about a scene that you can easily skip! You don’t have to watch the scene! And if we’re being honest, the way the scene is written makes it not rape. The way Christine Love writes the scene makes it apparent that the female lead is kind of into it. It feels more like dub con than actual rape. People are so quick to want to take something out of a game when it doesn’t even affect them. If you don’t like the scene then that’s fine, but why do you want to have the scene removed for the people who do want to see that scene or want the full game experience. The way it was first intended. If you really want something to complain about, the rape scene doesn’t even end with a cum shot! Now that’s something to fucking complain about! I felt fucking robbed! The girl get to come at the end of the scene but not the guy! Now that’s fucking sexist!

Man...I just got done playing this scene and I feel like I enjoyed it alittle too much...

I’m also making a game with a rape scene in it, because there’s a message behind it, and if those sad little snowflakes have something to say about it, you know what they can do? SUCK MY DICK!!!...that last line took all credibility from what I wrote didn’t it...T_T

Do you think people complain just to complain? Should Love have kept the scene in the game? Would the inclusion of the rape scene in the game make you uncomfortable? Tell us in the comments below.