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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/21/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

19 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Carnivorous Futanari girl vs Herbivorous Trap (futa x trap, femdom, stockings, tall girl)
-Confess To Me Down There (gyaru, prostitution, stockings)
-Monster Girl Transformation Go! (snake Girl, defloration, transformation)
-Punishment Anal Leading (blackmail, mindbreak, NTR, schoolgirl)
-A Summer For Just The Two Of Us. ~secret summer~ (lol*con, swimsuit, yuri, tanlines)
-Love Cheering (cheerleader, stockings, buxom)
-Please Kiss Me (defloration, stockings, buxom)
-Hot Blooded Maternity (lactation, squirting, pregnant, buxom)
-Morning Practice 0(Love)-15 (futa x futa, schoolgirl, glasses)
-Secret Study (bbw, buxom, stockings)
-Cumming Inside Her While She's Hypnotized (mind control, ahegao, r*pe)
-Girl Scout- Megamori! (bunnygirl, stockings, buxom)
-Be Careful of the Love Stickers! (exhibitionism, hairy, corruption)
-Slime Lover (elf, slime, tentacles, pregnant)
-The Hunter and The Hunted (impregnation, mind control, stockings)
-Her PC Parts (lol*con, schoolgirl, toys)
-Ultimate Rare (lol*con, schoolgirl, ffm threesome)
-White Clover and Love Letter (glasses, condom, sweating)
-Onee-chan’s Stockings (footjob, sister, pantyhose, foot licking)

4 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
-Office Love Scramble (MILF, stockings, ffm threesome)
-Kanojo de Ippai 3 (harem, bikini, story arc)
-Time Stripper Reika (birth, exhibitonist, impregnation, r*pe)
-The Pink Infirmary (schoolgirl, femdom, ffm threesome)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/19/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

8 New English-Translated Artist CG Sets:
-2B <3 9S (Nier: Automata- 2b, blindfold, thigh high boots, shotacon)
-Papa, Become My Woman (trap-yaoi, shemale, trap x dickgirl, incest)
-Impregnated Big Breasts Elf - The Orc Story (elf, orcs, impregnation)
-True Lewd Nina Way - The Hellish Story of TsunaHina Becoming Sex Slaves (Naruto- Tsunade, Hinata, buxom)
-Lewd Virus Ch. 1-2 (impregnation, nurse, cervix penetration, inflation)
-My Niece And Our Wrong Relationship + Extra (emotionless sex, lol*con, impregnation, niece)
-Eye=Heart ~Thanks To This Hypno App I can Have As Much Sex As I Like~ (mind control, schoolgirl, swimsuit, gyaru)
-Supervised Monthly Ejaculation (femdom, toys, schoolgirl, facesitting, orgasm denial)

8 New H-Game CG Sets:
-Shirogane x Spirits! (defloration, stockings, buxom)
-Gensei Shinki LINEAGE -Sacred Lineage- (bike shorts, glasses, lol*con, tentacles)
-The Cheeky Women Who Practically Exist As Furniture That Can Get Pregnant... (pregnant, milf, buxom, Mom x Son)
-I'm Cumming! Girls Of The Cheer Department And The Teacher's Mother... (cheerleader, bondage, schoolgirl)
-CHU x PET (buxom, bike shorts, bikini, schoolgirl, femdom)
-Her Dad's Thick Fingers Tease Her Lewd Body~ (buxom, bikini, impregnation, NTR, lol*con)
-W Devil's H Hospitality~Please Give Us More Of Your Milk~ (bbw, buxom, cheating, spanking)
-Arcadia Of November (blowjob, paizuri, pantyhose)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/18/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

36 New English-Translated Misc Doujins:
-The Serious Class Committee Chairman is Secretly a Dark-skinned Gyaru (buxom, gyaru, hotpants, stockings)
-A Story About Getting Lewd With Kosuzu-chan (Touhou Project- Kosuzu Motoori, futa x futa, lol*con, hairy armpits)
-RAINY SEASON GIRL (My hero Academia- Tsuyu Asui, Hitoshi Shinsou,inverted nipples, long tongue, mind control)
-H・ERO!! (My hero Academia- Tsuyu, Ochako, Momo, frog girl, yuri, toys, long tongue)
-My Dark Hero Academia (My hero Academia- Tsuyu Asui, buxom, frog girl, thigh high boots, prolapse)
-I Tried To Approach Kajou-senpai With My Bare Dick (Shimoneta- Ayame Kajou, schoolgirl, stockings)
-Just Like Mash! (Fate Grand Order- Shielder, vanilla sex)
-A Certain Futanari Girl's Masturbation Diary Ch.6 (futanari, buxom, toys)
-Sumizome (prostitution, shotacon, trap-yaoi)
-Female Bazaar (prostitution, buxom, guy not in view)
-Loli&Futa Vol. 6 -Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya (Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya- Illya, catgirl, futanari, lol*con)
-UmiRin Climactic Attack!! (Love Live- Rin Hoshizora, Umi Sonoda, drugs, r*pe, mind break)
-Source Book (Gundam Seed- Gagali, Flay, Kira, Lacus, Murrue, Natarle, futanari, defloration, r*pe)
-Yuri Fight (Tekken- Anna Williams, Nina Williams, bodysuit, femdom, sister, yuri)
-DoubleFist After (femdom, sister, yuri, bodysuit, toys)
-Yuri Dagashi (Dagashi Kashi- Hotaru Shidare, Saya Endou, yuri, stockings, toys)
-Heroine Harassment - Magician Akina's Chastity Part I (latex, corruption, bondage, mind control)
-Gear Uni Offline (Hyperdimension Neptunia- Choujigen Game Neptune, yuri, stockings, toys, females only)
-Let's Play with Onee-chan (shotacon, babysitter, femdom)
-How to Have Fun on a Weekday (buxom, MILF, femdom, ffm threesome)
-Secret Feeling 1 (Kantai Collection- Kaga, femdom, shotacon, stockings)
-Nico Rape (Love Live- Nico Yazawa, lol*con, toys, stockings)
-Training Mother while Father is Abroad (cheating, MILF, mother, buxom)
-My Transfer Student Life (stockings, defloration, girl pretends to be aggressive)
-Sankyuu (My Hero Academia- Mina Ashido, all the way through, monster girl, mmf threesome)
-Doing Various Things With Yaoyorozu-san (My Hero Academia- Mitsuki, Momo, All Might, schoolgirl, toys, buxom)
-Plaything - SAKUYA 2 (God Eater- Sakuya Tachibana, tentacles, stomach deformation, mindbreak)
-Heroine Harassment Psycho Meister Meteor Ryona Edition (tentacles, latex, ahegao, thigh high boots)
-Adolescence (lol*con, shotacon, backpack)
-Granboob Fantasy - Part Magisa (Graunblue Fantasy- Magisa, Gran, buxom, stockings, hairy)
-Yuina vol.1 (childhood friends, vanilla sex, NTR incoming)
-Mami-san's Strange Communication Grand Strategy (Madoka Magica- Homura, Mamai, Sayaka, futa, ttf threesome)
-Adolescence2 (lol*con, bloomers, kissing)
-Nitsui Shoujo (bodysuit, sole futanari, auto fellatio)
-START ECCHi! (Love Live- Honoka Kousaka, Kotori Minami, Umi Sonoda, harem, stockings)

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Category: Translations
Posted on: 05/16/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

In this week's Translations Update we have two girls doing some femdom with their feet in [Oouso]'s "Twin Harassment", another lewd Kantai Collection doujin staring Atago in [Kotengu]'s "Atago Milk", lots of anal play in a Gundam Build Fighter's artist cg by [Otochichi], chapter 7 of Namaiki Haramasex by [Kazuhiro], a KonoSuba parody doujin staring Aqua called "It's 100%The Alcohol's Fault" by [Tatami], a NieR_Automata doujin with a bit of mind control from [Batten Kariba], a chained up girl being used in a new doujin by [Geko], and a manga chapter with a self explanitory title: "My Childhood Friend Is A Masochist" by [Zero no Mono].

And for our members, we have volume 3 of "MAKIPET" by [Ninoko], a glasses wearing QT in the Persona 5 parody "FUTABA REVIVE" by [D.N.A. Lab], The second volume of Mezase! "Rakkuen Keikaku" by [Kasukabe Taro] that has some Haruna X Rito action, a new Pokemon Sun and Moon doujin by [mmm], Chapter 2 of "Big Puffy Nipples College Teen", a guy sleeping with his friend's mom in the first chapter of "Tomo Mama" by Shirota Kurota, chapter 1 of "Part Time Manaka san" by [Saigado] which features a thiccc red headed waitress, and finally the last 3 chapters of "Sweet Popcorn Soushuuhen 2".

(Doujin Previews)

(H-Manga Previews)
Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/14/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

15 New English-Translated H-Magazine Chapters:
-Love from the Ass (toys, smell, hot pants, bike shorts)
-Yuu-kun's Request (buxom, sister, glasses, shota)
-The Secret Desire- After Hypnosis (MILF, mind control, teacher, buxom)
-Majimena Aitsu ni Aniken no Ore ga Oshiete Yareru Koto (blackmail, defloration, deepthroat, stockings)
-AneImo Complex Zenpen (twins, ffm threesome, defloration, bbw, buxom)
-Rifure Yattete Nani ga Warui!? (schoolgirl, pantyhose, footjob, femdom)
-Don't Make Me So Turned On Ch.3 (yuri, women only, business suit)
-Seitokaichou no Himitsu 3 (schoolgirl, futanari, glasses, stockings, buxom)
-Let's Take Turns (Toys, Smell, hot pants, bike shorts)
-Home Sexualiteacher (impregnation, MILF, cheating, glasses, buxom)
-Senpai Heating (tomboy, tanlines, sweating)
-Shinsou no- Dare ni mo Ienai Koto (lol*con, shota, schoolgirl, sleeping)
-Weekday Lamia Massage (snake girl, full body tail wrap, snake cloaca)
-Help Me, Sister (nun, garter belt, stockings, buxom)
-3Piece~winter~ (armpit sex, inverted nipples, MILF, buxom)

8 New English-Translated H-Manga Additions:
- Masochist Teacher - Mochizuki-Sensei's Secret (MILF, nurse, buxom, tanlines, teacher, ffm threesome)
-Tomo Haha Ch. 1-7, 10-11 (MILF, cheating, miko, sister, cervix penetration, shota)
-Tenshi ni Ochiru Akuma-tachi Vol. 1 (angel, demon girl, femdom, futanari, mindbreak, corruption)
-What a Relief! Sex-Processing Club (shota, lol*con, ffm threesome, bisexual)
-Hundred Blossoms Raging Boobs ~UZUME~ Ch.0-8 (foxgirl, ghost, racoon girl, tentacles, lactation, miko)
-I'll Be R*ped Until I More Than Orgasm Ch.1-4 (NTR, Sister, mother, toys, drugs, sleeping)
-I've always loved you... Ch. 1-4 (swimsuit, toys, glasses, schoolgirl)
-Kawaii Ano Ko wa Futanari-kei Nikushoku Joshi Saishuuwa (futa x futa, inflation, ahegao, urethra insertion)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/13/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

2 New English-Translated Artist CG Sets:
-Just Leave The Shota To A Tan Bitch Like Me (Schoolgirl, Gyaru, bikini, impregnation)
-Heal Me Mom (MILF, incest, breastfeeding, paizuri)

6 New H-Game CG Sets:
-Welcome To The Everlasting Summer's Wife Impregnation Island! ~4 Shamelessly Lewd Housewives Go To An Underpopulated Island For Holiday To Get Knocked Up!~ (MILF, incest, breastfeeding, paizuri)
-Futanari Elf Pleassure Training "No way Im cumiiiing! I Can't Cum Any More Than This!!" (Elf, futa on futa, lactation, urethra insertion, nipple fuck)
-My Mom Is A Huge Bitch So I Had Her Do Various Things Around Town (pregnant, milf, buxom, Mom x Son)
-The Ill-Natured Girls Get A Taste of Hell (Schoolgirl, police woman, r*pe, bondage, mmf threesome)
-Deep Love Diary (Stockings, toys, spanking, maid)
-Completely Change! Pretend Play ~Immoral Package~ (futanari, schoolgirl, pregnant, elf, tentacles, toys)

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Category: Doujin-Moe Updates
Posted on: 05/12/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

36 New English-Translated Misc Doujins:
-Eromanko Sensei (lol*con, sister, drawing while having sex)
-I'll Definitely Become Mayu-san's Privileged Master (Idolmaster- Mayu, Sachiko, Lol*con, ffm threesome, yandere)
-Moon Phase Material (Fate Grand Order- Medb, stockings, ffm threesome, Musashi Miyamoto)
-I'm going to wash you down there, too, Big brother<3 (bikini, lol*con, sister, urination)
-Life Consultation After 10 Years (Oreimo- Kirino, Kyousuke, Manami, Yuri, cheating, strap-on, ffm threesome)
-Viva!! Illicit Sexual Relationships! (Seraph of the end- Shinoa hiiragi, yuuichirou hyakuya, Lol*con, defloration)
-Christmas with the Niijima Sisters (Persona 5- Akira Kurusu, Makoto Niijima, Sae Niijima, Bunny girl, milf, buxom,)
-Gensoukyou Paradise Plan 10 (Touhou- Marisa, Reimu, lol*con, group, ffm threesome)
-Gensoukyou Paradise Plan 17 (Touhou- Koishi, Rin, Satori, Utsuho, harem, lol*con)
-Riko-chan's Ecchi Part Time Job (Maho Girls Precure- Riko Izayoi, Lol*con, defloration, prostitution)
-Sweet Candy (Lol*con, Sister, ahegao)
-Wolf Winter (Foxgirl, stockings, Vanilla)
-Until My Childhood Friend, A Female Knight, Becomes The Queen (Blackmail, NTR, buxom, stockings)
-Stepsister Himari (Sister, bbm, mind control)
-Sensei, Please (Girls Und Panzer- Taeko Kondou, Teacher, bloomers, buxom)
-Witch Girl Pachuri-tan's Nector (Touhou Project- Koakuma,Patchouli, Monster, mind break, tentacles)
-Red Book (Youkai girl with floating head, Goddess, Touhou- Hecatia, Raiko, Sekibanki)
-Isn't this too Revealing!? (Evangelion- Asuka, Kaworu, Bodysuit, schoolgirl)
-Mantou.40 (Neon Genesis Evangelion- Asuka x Shinji, Vanilla)
-ZONE 50 Sex on the Beach (Black Lagoon- Revy, Balalaika, Roberta, Rokuro, buxom, Bikini, swimsuit, scar)
-Exploding Style Energy Drain (Konosuba- Megumin, Kazuma, Collar, stockings, lol*con)
-Story Where Ferry-chan to Chucchu Do It (Granblue Fantasy- Ferry, Gran, lol*con, stockings)
-Demon In Love (buxom, demon girl, thigh high boots, shota)
-Are you okay? Do you want Onee-san to pull one? (Granblue Fantasy- Gran, Narmaya, Demon Girl, Paizuri, buxom)
-The Thief Of Hearts (Persona 5- Anne, Makoto, Drugs, Mindbreakm NTR, bbm)
-The story of 4.5 Tatami Mats (Glasses, Clothed paizuri, defloration, sleeping, hairy)
-NIKO'S LIVE (Love Live- Nico Yazawa, Lol*con, stockings, femdom, footjob)
-Tiny Navigator Appreciation Book (One Piece- Nami, Age Regression, lol*con)
-The Pleasantly Warm Coaxing Hot Spring (Neon Genesis Evangelion- Asuka,Rei, Kimono, Futa on Futa, exhibition)
-Mei-chan's Terrible Brainwashing Incident (Pokemon- Rosa, Corruption, machine, minid control)
-Happy Morning Call of Hagikaze ( Kantai Collection- Arashi, Hagikaze, Suzuya, schoolgirl, sumata)
-Natural Lotion!! (Kantai Collection- Kashima, cashier, condom)
-Booty Pandemic 2 (buxom, defloration, r*pe, genderbender)
-Having Dreamlike Sex< (Love Live- Kotori, Umi, fingering, schoolgirl, toys, yuri)
-Yamane Book (Touhou Project- Yamame Kurodani, footjob, pantyhose)
-Young And Pretty Lover (One Piece- Sanji and Nami, Age Regression)

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Category: Translations
Posted on: 05/09/17
Posted by: Forbiddenfetish7

In this week’s Translation Update we have some bondage going on in the To Love Ru doujin called Sainan Highschool's Certified Public Morals Committee Whore slave Kotegawa by [Hakaba]. We also have two Dragonball doujins. The first one called BITCH SISTERS SUPER by [Rikka Kai] involves Bulma and her sister Tights getting dirty with Jaco and Zuno-sama. And the second Dragonball doujin called Wonderful Wife by [Kokuryuugan] involves some husband and wife action between Android 18 and her pint-sized husband Krillin. Speaking of a loving relationship, we have some light femdom in the KanColle parody Atago's Sweet Sexual Education by [Kotengu] that involves the Admiral getting some one on one sex education from Atago. Then next up we have some secret sex going on in the school bathroom in the story Mrs. Okumiya in the restroom by [Bifidus]. And finally to top it all off we have some short manga stories with chapter 1 of [Monorino]'s To Be Happy Now(Pinkerton) that involves a schoolgirl servicing older men on a public train and Chapter 1 of COMIC BAVEL which has some quick sex in the school library, in the classroom with a teacher, and even a couple in a log cabin.

And for our members, we have a doujin involving Bayonetta and her doubleganger teaming up on a guy in [Leopard]’s “Leopart Bon 15”. And while we’re on the subject of parodies there’s the Love Live! doujin called “MAKIPET 2” by [Ninoko] that has a maid Maki Nishiko as the main focus along with a Girls Und Panzer doujin called “Nikudorei! Nishizumi Shiho” by [Hakaba] that also involves some more bondage with blindfolds, plugs, gags and all. We’ve also got a Granblue Fantasy title called “The System That Makes Knights Fall” by [Tachibana Yuu] that involves female knights being captured and used in a dungeon. After that we have a bit of NTR with a schoolgirl in [Dozamura]’s “Netori Ojisan” and a bit of toilet play and some two on one action from the thiccc girls in Chapter 1 of [Shioroku]’s “Big Puffy Nipples College Teen”. Next we have the sequel to “Konnafuuni → Sarechau Ohanashi Sono” by [a face] that involves some old guy’s corrupting a little girl’s purity. And last but not least we have a manga chapter involving a schoolgirl sleeping with a whole group of boys in “Everyone’s School” by [Hatimoto].

(Doujin Previews)

(H-Manga Previews)