Hiring Opportunities:
  • We're always looking to hire new people. Our goal is to build a team of A-list players to run Doujins.com, Hentai0.com, Loveabl.com, and our other new and upcoming projects.
  • These are all paid positions and we pay weekly through PayPal. We're looking for people with the following talents:
  • -Translator: Experience translating Japanese into English. You must be a native english-speaker and proficient in Japanese.
  • -Editor: Experience editing and typsetting manga. Being skilled with redrawing images in photoshop helps a ton.
  • -Video Editor: Experience with Adobe Premier Pro and making YouTube videos.
  • -Social Media Marketing: Are you a social media influencer with a lot of followers on some network? Do you want to promote us and drive more traffic to our sites? Have you mastered SEO jui-jitsu and are looking to run our social-media campaigns? We're willing to pay for your time.
  • -Manager: Do you have experience running an online adult business? Do you have experience managing remote employees? We'd love to hear from you.
  • -Full-Stack Web Programmer: Do you know PHP, AJAX, MySQL, Javascript? We're looking to hire you to further develop our sites.
  • -Customer Service: Can you answer customer e-mails on a timely basis?
  • -Blog Writer: Are you a skilled writer with some free time on your hand? Join our editorial team and collaborate to write fun and entertaining blog articles.
  • -Japanese Legal Agent: Do you speak Japanese? Are you familiar with Japanese law? We'd like to have you negotiate some deals for us.
  • Contact us with links to your previous works or places of employment at support@doujins.com.
Volunteer Opportunities:
  • These positions aren't paid, but they're still helpful and welcome!
  • Website Tester: Do you have lots of porn on your hard drive that you're looking to upload? Can you write bug reports for new websites we're building? Let us know! You get to be an early-adopter and test out things before the public evne knows the exist.
  • Quality Checker: Are you a grammar Nazi? Can't help but notice stupid little errors every time you pick up a book? You're perfect! You can read hentai before it's out and point out problems for us. We're looking to crowd-source our quality checking efforts for both our translations and our blog posts.
  • Shoot us an e-email at support@doujins.com
Advertising Opportunities:
  • We currently run 300 x 250 pixel banner ads from the ExoClick.com network, so if you want to run ads on our site in that format, checkout ExoClick. We eventually plan on expanding into offering native ads and running our own ad network, rather than off-network ads. So if you're interested in joining our waiting list and becoming an ad-partner, don't hesitate to contact us. We will NEVER run pop-ups, pop-unders, or other spammy ads, and we reserve the right to drop ads we view as abusive or scammy.
  • Do you want a sponsored blog post promoting your product or service? Do you want a skin on our site promoting your product or service? Please contact us right away. We'll be happy to accomdate your advertising requirements.
  • E-mail us at support@doujins.com with all offers.