Niggersmun - 18 minutes ago
The only problem here is the moment they start to fuck with your body. Your gonna drop that information. I as a person am more valuble that a data card over my enemy.
Jagsenpai - 58 minutes ago
Ahem. Why no Bakemonogatari, or the Monogatari series as a whole? One of their characters were specifically made for fan service (Nadeko Sengoku). Hopefully it'll be included in the 4th edition of this lol.
blackwave - 2 hours ago
need more story and hey I like vanilla.
Anon - Please Enter Your Name - 3 hours ago
cant a lamia be the platypus of the reptile world???
Sparda98 - 3 hours ago
At least tag it as NTR you fucking cock sucker.
Hectotane - 3 hours ago
It's as if the people who use the N-word never heard about Viagra, "gains," being fit, et cetera. The racism (for racism's sake, and because the critics are unable to compete) needs to end. Also, it's important to wash your dick. You'd expect the woman to clean her vag000 as well, right?
Anon - Guy - 6 hours ago
Anon - Kirbs - 7 hours ago
Anon - h - 8 hours ago
Anon - Durarara Fan - 9 hours ago
In all the 3 seasons of Durarara!!! Literally, this is the only scene close to fanservice. Shouldn't be in this list at all.
Xifx - 10 hours ago
Dating the girl which is popular in school and getting feed by her in front of the boys who tries to get Ur dead a
randomdude - 13 hours ago
Seems unhygenic considering 1out of 4 is probably on their period
Anon - Mav - 13 hours ago
This NTR was actually pretty good
randomdude - 13 hours ago
Always remember: thats the soul of a man in his mid fortys
dinaverg - 14 hours ago
the cake. it is, as they lie.
Anon - Orange - 15 hours ago
lewd bugs? Nope.
fatnin - 16 hours ago
What a bunch of weak pussies: BBCs make them feel offended.
grny - 16 hours ago
Lacrosse is dumb
kfinal7 - 16 hours ago
It's a trap!
Anon - Turtle - 17 hours ago
that does not make him a wimp being dominated can be very fun
Anon - Spartan - 18 hours ago
I have a dislike for smegma in my porn, mostly because the idea behind it is the guy is nit washing and cleaning hinself properly. Hygiene is important, and forcing someone to eat the dead skin and drippings off your sweaty dick is like shitting into someones mouth (in my opinion) tl;dr, wash your dick you monster. As for the other part, It's Shadbase, you troglodyte. It's basically /pol/ and /b/
GameJunkie999 - 18 hours ago
If they don't like it don't read it. Goddammit, I'm not a fan of smegme either but dude it a freaking Yang, Raven Comic of course I'm gonna read it. if you don't like what in it don't read it. man it like people who complain about NTR.
Ifritsparda - 18 hours ago
Calling a dick "my boy" is second only to "my son" in off-putting terminology for male genitalia in ero-manga and h-games.
Xifx - 18 hours ago
Erotic legends are born
Xifx - 18 hours ago
Now he moves
Xifx - 18 hours ago
Is the guys moving or being moved by
Xifx - 18 hours ago
I want to know what flavor to
Xifx - 18 hours ago
No I can see she's under 15 ..~_~
Anon - Turtle - 18 hours ago
yes we blue collar men take no shit from anybody because we have earned that right being working class
Xifx - 18 hours ago
That was fast
Anon - Turtle - 18 hours ago
is it wrong to say that i would me mad at her for that i mean i would kinda want to do it myself
Anon - Turtle - 19 hours ago
well i believe she is like 16 or 17
Anon - The shadow - 19 hours ago
Annnnnnnnnnd we can see Kirigiri acting as a Tsundere
123Hentai - 19 hours ago
People on Shadbase are always like that, they have a huge dislike for JLullaby's content, At this point, I would love for him to just have his own site so he doesn't have to deal with that shit.
Anon - Turtle - 19 hours ago
@mo huh he kinda does and in the show his name is eliot but the actors name is christian kane the country singer
Anon - Bruh - 19 hours ago
Anon - Bruh - 19 hours ago
I hope she gets paid
Aldan - 20 hours ago
@Game Master Phoenix Wright, or Naruhodo Ryuichi, if you prefer. Why is this even a question?
Aldan - 20 hours ago
It’s never “just one time”.
Aldan - 20 hours ago
I’m giving it all I’ve got, Captain! I cannot take no more!
ryzky11811 - 23 hours ago
OMG !!
DocBizzleB - 23 hours ago
Round Two! FUCK!!
Anon - Me - 23 hours ago
Well, that escalated quickly.
Anon - The big cock cutie - 1 day ago
Finally someine who shares my girly stuff
Anon - you'llsee - 1 day ago
Anon - OMG - 1 day ago
Goddamn, they just cut off her limbs and possible gouged out an eye.
Project_Infinity - 1 day ago
She must like em small
Anon - Turtles - 1 day ago
Im intrested in reading more
Anon - Met - 1 day ago
Putting him on the seat that was right next to him took a lot of you? Women.
Anon - Lol - 1 day ago
This is more like child abuse than femdom
Anon - jo - 1 day ago
Fact 1: Everything feels good in hentai. Literally everything. Fact 2: See fact 1
Beld22 - 1 day ago
Hmm, she has some junk in the trunk in human form.
Beld22 - 1 day ago
Ugh! Organic transformation. I wish she was related to Shenron then at least she would have transformed in a blast of That would have given away their position though.
Aldan - 1 day ago
Again with the rope.
HereIcome - 1 day ago
Hey, that was pretty racist
Aldan - 1 day ago
@ Kain rogue you haven’t heard it now. This is a text medium.
Anon - Turtle - 1 day ago
you already are my dear
Anon - Turtle - 1 day ago
damn how long have him and karen known each other
Anon - god worshiping crusader/monk - 1 day ago
just lock yourself away and pray for the strength to smite this thot my boy
Anon - gragas - 1 day ago
meanwhile the disgraced samurai's ghost who is bound to the bell,had to third wheel it the whole time they were making his bell a pow-wow sesh poor guy
Anon - gragas - 1 day ago
"you too" b-but she's not a boy
Anon - Turtle - 1 day ago
thank you for saying it grimm
Anon - Turtle - 1 day ago
i thought those were men at first
Anon - Turtle - 1 day ago
@grimm i know right or the three stooges i would go for her in a heart beat even without the tan
Anon - Mr.Priest - 1 day ago
For all you sick You need church
Anon - frfd - 1 day ago
fill her up!
Anon - frfd - 1 day ago
go on sakura fuck that big cock till it busts
Anon - frfd - 1 day ago
sakura sure is working naruto's cock
Anon - ggh - 1 day ago
creamed that pussy like a doughnut
Anon - ggh - 1 day ago
that fat ass looks ready for a pounding
Anon - ggh - 1 day ago
i wanna stick my cock between those fat tits
Anon - ggh - 1 day ago
nice and deep
Anon - ? - 1 day ago
Got bamboozled
Anon - ? - 1 day ago
Anon - im lost lost - 1 day ago
Im lost
Anon - FateLover - 1 day ago
If only it were possible to get this kind of treatment in real life ! LOL
omega0915 - 1 day ago
Damn and he just finished his bath now he needs to take it again
omega0915 - 1 day ago
no, he exits the bath LIKE A BOSS! We can only wish we could exit baths 1/1000 as cool looking
Beld22 - 1 day ago
@OddestBall Did you seriously just make a refrence to low fat bloody roar.
death56777 - 1 day ago
Who is this by
Beld22 - 1 day ago
The gift that keeps on giving?
Beld22 - 1 day ago
You lost your willpower saving throw.
Beld22 - 1 day ago
Gasp! "How did that get there!"
Beld22 - 1 day ago
C'MON Doujin at least keep his level of sexual knowledge consistent!
Anon - Turtle - 1 day ago
@ Ryu oh hell yes it is
Beld22 - 1 day ago
Stop right there criminal scum.
Anon - Turtle - 1 day ago
that is so damn cute
Beld22 - 1 day ago
That's odd does she know many Detroit Pistons?
Empreo - 1 day ago
If only there were more Shimoneta doujins.
ANALyzeer - 1 day ago
Smile For The Camera!
ANALyzeer - 1 day ago
I Love The San and Mon Pokemon Games
anonthemaus - 1 day ago
who tagged this
ANALyzeer - 1 day ago
Bro this it's beautiful
ANALyzeer - 1 day ago
You should also get her neck, her pussy and her crack
Sphendrana - 1 day ago
And then I got Roundabout stuck in my head XD
Anon - Sarcasm McEndmylife - 1 day ago
Okay I understand how this could trap them, the door won't slide because the net it holding it closed but I'm still sinning the fact that they don't simply ran into the side of this Hing and knock the net over.
Anon - Sarcasm McEndmylife - 1 day ago
She suddenly Yes, humans have been known to begin talking on occasion. It's a rather rare phenomenon and we're lucky to have seen it here today folks.
Anon - Gimpedsoul - 1 day ago
Emperorwulf, t'would appear the author rubbed one out!
Anon - Hello - 1 day ago
That’s gotta hurt
Anon - anon - 1 day ago
looks nice
Absolute Tickle - 1 day ago
shownowmercy - 1 day ago
Anon - Dr. Acula - 1 day ago
I dont think this is humanly possible
SparkleFaggot - 1 day ago
SparkleFaggot - 2 days ago
Wow I laughed so hard I went soft
SparkleFaggot - 2 days ago
SparkleFaggot - 2 days ago
Bad parenting
SparkleFaggot - 2 days ago
Rick damn it
SparkleFaggot - 2 days ago
Well in the end he did the right thing
SparkleFaggot - 2 days ago
Wow ASS rape
SparkleFaggot - 2 days ago
Wow rape
Anon - anon - 2 days ago
imagine what we can get in 20 years
Anon - Gandalf - 2 days ago
I came here to fap not to get grossed out
Anon - Gandalf - 2 days ago
CgVinT - 2 days ago
i belief in the freedom to express yourself. BUT and this is super important there is a line between art and a child getting fucked by a bull. or any number of other disturbing images he’s made. and being as i don’t classify what he does as art i go out of my way to avoid him and his creations. it’s not my taste but if it’s up your alley cool. i question your life choices but it’s your life.
Anon - Boop - 2 days ago
Wait but since when were female idols allowed to get pregnant?
Anon - molten - 2 days ago
wish sahara wataru made more ino. the one where ino uses her mind transfer to get fucked in sakura's body was great. he should make one that focuses on her alone. like a cum dumpster training doujin. we havent had one of those before. i mean i guess the sarada one could be considered a training doujin but thats a stretch.
Itasian - 2 days ago
Not really incest, shirou was adopted
tjboomer83 - 2 days ago
suprised High school DXD did not make the cut.