GaharaSan - 26 minutes ago
Anon - Anon - 29 minutes ago
Reverse card
Anon - Freak - 54 minutes ago
Aye fucking yo
Anon - W - 1 hour ago
Nah look at the amount of liquid coming off her it’s definitely dehydration first
Anon - (You) - 1 hour ago
Why are you so obsessed with this? It's just embarrassing. Have sex.
Anon - Crimgang - 1 hour ago
Juiciest saliva string
Anon - Haaaaa gadeem - 2 hours ago
Haaaa gayyy
Liu_Lesmana - 3 hours ago
Dikala kita membaca doujin XD Indonesia XD
Anon - Pinto gostozo - 4 hours ago
Seus pedofilo
Anon - Blossom dance ! - 5 hours ago
Against the odds
Anon - Tridiot - 6 hours ago
Nami the Cumslut!!! *_*
Anon - Random black dude - 6 hours ago
Yeah I had to look it up myself it’s the same artist you can see it immediately
Anon - Goneherrear - 7 hours ago
Double ntr, tis a rare thing indeed.
fatnin - 8 hours ago
Well, if we can lewd Nezuko-chan, then why the hell not? Lewd her brother, use him in yaoi, turn him into a girl, we are free to our feelings and sensations. People are not hypocrites. They're hypocritical pussies.
Anon - Justin - 9 hours ago
First time i ever heard of doujins with sound. I fucking love it.
Himinthetub - 10 hours ago
Well, we can't expect idiots to act consistently, specially when it comes to morality. They're so into their own delusional reality they can't see their own flaws. After all, do these idiots even know Tanjiro is younger and deserving of respect? No, cause he's not a woman, not because he's a man, so he's not relevant to today's retarded upsetfulness. At least Japanese media does not give a fuck
Swaggerlagger - 10 hours ago
This Doujin could be like a normal Manga, I mean, the story was good and wholesome. I like this one, but now I didn't do my "stuff"
fuckmesenpai - 12 hours ago
Dayuuuuumn dat ass is THICCC AF
Anon - Ken - 13 hours ago
OMG! I really like the sigh. Only lack touch of feeling when the climax. But, I like this. ????
Anon - Ken - 13 hours ago
OMG! I really like that sigh. I wish I could get something like this again????
jupmod - 13 hours ago
Some people really are huge hypocrites. This always happen with any underage girls, who are aged by artists to make lewd, yet when artists aged boys to lewd, people think it is okay. I can not understand the double-standards some people have.
GRAYKIT - 13 hours ago
I could not help but laugh at the 1st outcry! thinking "Just wat for a boy counter part!" And want do you know I don't even hear the cricks chirping!
Oddest Ball - 14 hours ago
The eternal double standard.
Anon - thorssen - 15 hours ago
sex between a married couple? gross
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
Will die from starvation then dehydration in that order.
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
The futa trifecta.
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
Well for women maybe. We have yet to hear what happens to men when they try.
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
Welcome to the breeding room.
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
Only one thing to do. Get naked.
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
Creeping in my soul.~
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
What is this "fall damage" you speak of?
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
Don't daydream, watch your step.
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
What happened to her teeth?
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
At least it freed her hair from that ugly librarian bun.
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
*points to head* Got it memorized?
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
The feel of your pussy or the taste of his own cum?
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
Sounds like the kind of mom who regrets having one.
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
Dat hardass ass.
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
What an amusing face.
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
Could this woman stop screaming for 3 minutes or has her volume knob been broken at 14 for years?
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
This is one of the bravest lads.
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
She broke that quickly?
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
Take your hand off your damn glasses! They don't need adjustment that often!
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
He can't be heard over your shrill screeching, cunt.
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
Dat ass is mean.
Oddest Ball - 15 hours ago
Anon - Solarie - 15 hours ago
It was you dear child named Lucatiell?
Anon - Hades - 16 hours ago
Mash? Never heard of that genre
Anon - Hades - 16 hours ago
That escalated quickly
Anon - Hades - 16 hours ago
Um hell is right
Anon - TheLastCumbender - 17 hours ago
WHERE'S THE REST Why did JLullaby vanish when the world needed him the most??
LinkOfKalos - 17 hours ago
This is just masturbation, right?
LinkOfKalos - 17 hours ago
Oh. It's just a really tight one piece
Anon - notgay - 17 hours ago
Itasian - 17 hours ago
This is why i personally prefer milfs. Less trouble. Unless for some reason there is some supernatural or esp bs and they look like a grade schooler. Looking at the magical index teacher. Though misaka's mom is really well drawn
The Avrage Weeb - 18 hours ago
Dammit! Ok, that's kinda wholesome
The Avrage Weeb - 18 hours ago
I was just praising this for being wholesome. Yeah, I retract that appraisal.
The Avrage Weeb - 18 hours ago
Now hold on
The Avrage Weeb - 18 hours ago
This is too wholesome
The Avrage Weeb - 18 hours ago
"You can't escape it" Well shit. That's pretty dark. "So live your life to the fullest until the very end" Ok you've redeemed yourself
Anon - .... - 19 hours ago
he really should've gotten STD by now but I can see he has quite the superhuman physique and resistance
Hectotane - 19 hours ago
It's only because the creator decided that "shrinking Nezuko to avoid getting killed" was a good defense plan. Plus you have people out there who get their rocks off by drawing, and looking at, sexualized babies. I don't use the word "hypocrisy." I know where the lines are so I don't cross them. I see other people crossing the lines and stay far away from them.
Anon - dub > sub - 20 hours ago
The anime just started in Dubland, so no spoilers.
Anon - .... - 20 hours ago
….shouldn't this guy have died by too much sex already, I mean how unbalanced are his hormones anyways?
Anon - Retardsville - 20 hours ago
Popular, trained Knight know throughout the land, and can't even fight unarmed? Sad
Johnson - 20 hours ago
This is good
MrObvious - 20 hours ago
Yup, like I said before these same folks have NOTHING to say about Nezuko going blood crazy yet make a hissy fit about hentai(despite depictions of her being womanly AND that she's FICTIONAL), and that they're all slobbering at the mouth at daddy Tanjiro. The hypocrisy is real.
Anon - Anon - 20 hours ago
This boy is a hero.
Anon - Le Monke - 21 hours ago
Ok, why the fuck do people like futas. This is a genuine question. Futas are females with a big dick. That just make my dick feel inferior. And let me tell ya I don’t like that feeling
DaMujishun - 22 hours ago
i could name about 10 different mangas that needs this level of cutting straight to the point.
DaMujishun - 22 hours ago
really? thats all it takes?
SweetSuccubus - 23 hours ago
I am incredibly grateful to you (and one of my dreams came true and I am really happy)   staff I already like you, but with this I LOVE YOU! >3
Nyanko - 1 day ago
Nuu Venus is the best sailor scout. Minako forever!
jinerel - 1 day ago
I just hope it's multi-platform. Hoping for H content, but I'd add it to my collection.
Droffats - 1 day ago
CGs this good should be illegal, but I'll fucking take it. Landlady is best girl.
Droffats - 1 day ago
Zero bucks says that her friend is his daughter.
Droffats - 1 day ago
Looks like he's gonna dat that ass. Mhm.
Droffats - 1 day ago
Did someone say masochism? I AM NOW FULLY ERECT.
Droffats - 1 day ago
Yep. . . Thankfully, he's not being too much of a scumbag. Hell, relatively speaking, he's a saint.
Droffats - 1 day ago
Dere. What is it about gyarus that makes them so cute. . . ?
Droffats - 1 day ago
Ah shit, here we go again. . . This always happens with the "disrespectful" one. ...Ugh, I'm just too softhearted for that kind of thing, but at least I can still enjoy it. (Unlike most NTR and/or rape.)
Droffats - 1 day ago
You're somewhere between twenty-eight and thirty-two, man. I think she's just being rude. Well, it's not like you don't deserve it, in this case. Seriously, muttering to yourself while checking someone out?
Droffats - 1 day ago
...But I thought the landlady was the ideal partner? What an insatiable beast. Also, lol @ being saved from the law by the power of the cursed cock.
Droffats - 1 day ago
Holy fuck, I know that sex is incredibly exhausting, but that's just nuts. Also, I'm a little sad that we don't even get little single shots of those scenes.
Droffats - 1 day ago
...Pretty sure that last one is supposed to be red.
Droffats - 1 day ago
"Let me just use my dick as a thermometer real quick."
Droffats - 1 day ago
Tehe! *bops knuckles against head, sticks out tongue*
Droffats - 1 day ago
I agree! This level of moe shouldn't be possible in a milf!
Droffats - 1 day ago
so many good CGs in this CG set. . . that should be illegal
Droffats - 1 day ago
I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if she's always liked you a bit. You seem like you'd have that kind of monstrously good luck.
Droffats - 1 day ago
I mean, you could just try dating her like a normal person.
Droffats - 1 day ago
I foresee the landlady just strutting in and going "sup, bitch" and he's like "landlady what the fuck"
Droffats - 1 day ago
The same age she was at the time, huh? I foresee incest. ...Eh, fuck it.