Anon - Jon Doe - 6 minutes ago
ya know, after reading the " good I'm gonna melt!" line countless times, it's nice to finally see someone take it to the literal extreme.
Anon - Jon Doe - 32 minutes ago
should there be a shota tag for this?
Anon - you know who - 32 minutes ago
i wish i was goku bulma would be moaning all day
Anon - you know who - 33 minutes ago
oh boobies your tits taste so good
Anon - TealSquid - 34 minutes ago
Anon - you know who - 39 minutes ago
Anon - Jon Doe - 41 minutes ago
I can't quite tell but, did he just put a thumb in her butt?
Anon - Jon Doe - 44 minutes ago
remember kids, ALWAYS have a safe word when doing BDSM (mines Voltron!)
Anon - Jon Doe - 48 minutes ago
under the bed like a complete novice, most
Oddest Ball - 57 minutes ago
Bottom left panel: Wooooooobbuffet.
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
Swirly eyes in that pussy.
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
Yes sir, Coach Fu Manchu!
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
Tits? Tits!
ThreeB - 1 hour ago
He forgot to say "no homo"
Anon - Anon w - 1 hour ago
Wish we'd seen the brothers story too
Oddest Ball - 1 hour ago
Finally, it's fine when they say they're melting.
Anon - Ryou - 2 hours ago
Salter pointing that out! XD
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
The benefits of slime girls.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Wait, how is he saying that?
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Makes sense.
Aldan - 2 hours ago
Where were they hidden? Can’t have been very well.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Trying to start some revenge fucking.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Melty murder.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Be glad it wasn't Isaac Clarke.
Anon - Anonymous - 2 hours ago
Summon your hate child
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Could go with twins.
Anon - Anon - 2 hours ago
Mission Failed we'll get them next time
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
John Hammond.
Protean24 - 2 hours ago
One of my favorite artist so far
Daniel Jose - 4 hours ago
Hype out for Harambe. Dicks out for Hammond.
Anon - vgg - 4 hours ago
Write a commentfuih
Anon - you know who - 5 hours ago
summer your milk tastes so good your meaty legs are so good your tits taste delicious your tits smother me oh yes im biting them
Anon - Gundam-Knight-Chris - 5 hours ago
Love when the male pisses on the female! - Christian Watson
Anon - Gundam-Knight-Chris - 5 hours ago
I love me some loli action! - Christian Watson
Anon - raikez - 5 hours ago
really? that size is just unreasonable and stupid huge. that alone is going to ruin a perfectly good doujin
AndreaB - 5 hours ago
10/10 great graphics
Anon - Gundam-Knight-Chris - 6 hours ago
Go to my fanfiction account (using the same name as this comment) or my DeviantArt account (Leodin96) for stupid content! - Christian Watson
Anon - Gundam-Knight-Chris - 6 hours ago
A sexual raid! - Christian Watson
Anon - Gundam-Knight-Chris - 6 hours ago
Go to my fanfiction account (using the same name as this comment) or my DeviantArt account (Leodin96) for more cliche scenarios (perverted & non-perverted)! - Christian Watson
Anon - Gundam-Knight-Chris - 6 hours ago
Time for some tight, loli pussy time! - Christian Watson
Anon - Gundam-Knight-Chris - 6 hours ago
Fapping to Tifa's huge rod! - Christian Watson
Anon - Gundam-Knight-Chris - 6 hours ago
I wish a futanari could do that to me! - Christian Watson
Anon - Gundam-Knight-Chris - 6 hours ago
You want more naughty things? Go to my fanfiction account (using the same name as this comment) or my DeviantArt account (Leodin96) for stupid content! - Christian Watson
DBextreme - 7 hours ago
Wait, what?? Whats he realised hes been all along? An asshole? I mean *I* know thats what hes been but whats it implying that hes realised. Im confused but I am sad.
ImJustThatKinky - 9 hours ago
Don't worry people, here at Doujins we don't forget anyone. We mention Piccolo in the worst father article. He's a step father but a great father none the less.
HRDSalami654 - 9 hours ago
Where the hell is Piccolo? They missed Gohan's father!
katkenny32 - 9 hours ago
Their are so many good live action out there. I hope they can subtitle the ones ZIZG do. Love me some Kangoku Senkan.
fuckmesenpai - 10 hours ago
Anon - Squidward - 12 hours ago
Hm i wonder what this is going to be about
foglights - 12 hours ago
actually i hate share partner to anyone else ,all people do that is disgusting and not a human
Anon - DF - 13 hours ago
He's DEFINITELY about to jerk off.
Brokenstar - 13 hours ago
Anon - Anon - 13 hours ago
Should've included Piccolo.
Anon - Kokotheworm - 13 hours ago
quick question it's the sequel to what ?
Brokenstar - 14 hours ago
spoken like a true leftist cuck eh, anon?
nullbouya - 17 hours ago
Nursedere in real world. Slutdere in a hentai universe.
DocBizzleB - 17 hours ago
ok. you are a sick bastard. ya know that, right?
HazardPhoenix - 18 hours ago
The slut seems like the type to break hearts, good thing I'm a dick. Now the mystery one, that sounds fun. She could be a trap. Which is still a win, well for me.
DocBizzleB - 18 hours ago
i'm done with this lmmfao
DocBizzleB - 18 hours ago
lmao that TL
Anon - poon - 18 hours ago
its magic yo
Anon - I like armpits. - 19 hours ago
oh catherine you nerdy bitch ive seen your dress at school you make my cock throb remember when you let me touch your tits yeah i do mai in the bottom left corner reminds me of you your white creamy skin your fat ass and giant tits the tank to you wore i wanted to fuck you so bad god i imagine us your tits on my face my dick inside you your sweaty body on mine me eating your tits cumming in you
Anon - natra - 20 hours ago
Anon - feelsbadman - 20 hours ago
Anon - :u - 20 hours ago
duurraa - 20 hours ago
Anon - you're welcome - 21 hours ago
Anon - you're welcome - 21 hours ago
chapter 2!
Anon - Bob - 22 hours ago
Tsunade is sooooo fat
Anon - Name - 22 hours ago
Anon - I like armpits. - 22 hours ago
alright your bulma im goku: your tits taste so good you hawaiian your so thick i love it when you wore that slutty outfit during class i want to rape you your tits are delicious
Anon - Just a Sage - 23 hours ago
Did you know sea otters rape seals and will occasionally drown them because they're unable to hold their breath underwater as long as otters can? Don't be an otter producer-san
Anon - Just a Sage - 23 hours ago
I'd say take responsibility, but "I've been raping you whenever you pass out" isn't the best start to a marriage.
Anon - I like armpits. - 23 hours ago
summer you fucking cock tease your so hot your boyfriend is nothing with his 1 inch dick i stare at your ass and tits in class theyre so big let me suck em
Anon - I like armpits. - 1 day ago
your legs imma blow my load kiss me fuck i came all over.
Anon - I like armpits. - 1 day ago
fuck grammar I want to bite her tits oh bulma imma bite your tits let me suck your delicious nipple let me lick the space in between your tits imma motorboat your big tits they taste like vanilla titfuck me bitch your armpits smell nasty let me lick them kiss be babe imma cum in your pussy let me lick your asscheeks fuck me bulma oh fuck bulma imma cum you taste amazing pafu pafu! squeeze me with
Anon - anon - 1 day ago
my girlfriend is vietnamese and a we talk to each other in private with the whole "nya!" thing cat-girls in anime like to attach to the end of their sentences and in certain words that sound similar. totally embarassing in public but i think shes cute as hell. shes also a perv like me so it works ;)
Anon - anon - 1 day ago
ah! clever!
Anon - I like armpits. - 1 day ago
I bet her tits are soft and firm, they probably taste delicious. I bet her armpits have stubble, they probably smell and taste delicious as well. I bet her pussy is warm and wet, and yes, it probably tastes delicious. Watching Goku suck Bulma's tits is making me horny. I'm jacking off. I wish I was Goku, I would make her lactate. I would motorboat her tits, dig my nose in her armpits.
Anon - Sad nibba - 1 day ago
Sad nibba hours
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Richard Hammond.
DocBizzleB - 1 day ago
rape. rape! i want this on documentation!
DocBizzleB - 1 day ago
please. i need more. please
DocBizzleB - 1 day ago
juicy tits? check. plump ass? check. fapping til my balls are dry for the day? today is a good day
Anon - Heartless - 1 day ago
@Sir Spankalot, hey, some girls have been blessed by having no gag reflex,
toppodeluxe1 - 1 day ago
Anon - crusnic - 1 day ago
I think this qualifies as futa?
Anon - crusnic - 1 day ago
This isn't futa on futa. Traps are dudes. Girly dudes, but still dudes.
Anon - ganjadad666 - 1 day ago
hot and healthy
Anon - Orcinator - 1 day ago
Another day, another Orc rape Doujin. Same old same old
Anon - turtle - 1 day ago
i remember this and love it
Anon - reason - 1 day ago
This fuckin old
Anon - Anon - 1 day ago
Naruto with glasses: The ultimate disguise.
Anon - Me - 1 day ago
Acksidentel sexual assault
Anon - No more tranny’s - 1 day ago
Fuck it’s back!!!!!!!!!
Anon - Nnnnnn - 1 day ago
DaftFenix - 1 day ago
Naaaaailed iiiit~!
DaftFenix - 1 day ago
DaftFenix - 1 day ago
DaftFenix - 1 day ago
HA! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAA! ....side note, does this boob thing really happen? shit i need to stop reading doujins.
DaftFenix - 1 day ago
DaftFenix - 1 day ago
honestly just an average tuesday. the holy water line was super creepy though
DaftFenix - 1 day ago
DaftFenix - 1 day ago
whys it glowing?
iliketuna - 1 day ago
... did she really had to have that accent?
Uzek - 1 day ago
Dis gon be gud.
Anon - Dogmeat - 1 day ago
The fuck is he on about. Jean alter's np has saved me alot.
firemoe - 1 day ago
those titties tho
Anon - big dick - 1 day ago
humungo dick
Anon - SirSkiLLet - 1 day ago
MILFDere all the way.
Anon - Alec - 1 day ago
Hype out for Hammond.
Anon - OMG - 1 day ago
This is something auditors will enjoy
MrObvious - 1 day ago
I'd take my chances with Teachdere TBH. At least I can have her cosplay as a gym teacher, then she'd sport all kinds of tight bloomers, yoga pants, bike shorts etc. The others are ok but are too picky, and I don't want the stink of fish tearing through my nostrils whenever I go down on her (looking at you slutdere).
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Now it gets harder. To choose.
Neku-san - 1 day ago
So it's a modified version of the "Time" materia then?
Anon - KONOSUBA!!! - 2 days ago
My favorite show
Anon - the anoning - 2 days ago
at this point im too invested. this needs to be a manga not porn