confused987 - 1 hour ago
I guess i won't say it's necessary but it is still a world building fact, since there are no female goblins and this is how they multiply.
DocBizzleB - 1 hour ago
DocBizzleB - 1 hour ago
that face on the second panel worries
Anon - anon - 2 hours ago
just chop off his dick
Mikemaster2900 - 2 hours ago
Some people just wank to some of these because of the art style. Not everything is about story. Now story can enhance your wank, but there is nothing wrong with wanking to the visuals. It doesn't make you a bad person.
Oddest Ball - 4 hours ago
Well 1 thing's for real now.
Oddest Ball - 4 hours ago
The Slave can kill the Emperor.
Oddest Ball - 4 hours ago
If you don't want to fuck older women, you don't have to.
Oddest Ball - 4 hours ago
Almost sounds like they're doing it under protest.
Oddest Ball - 4 hours ago
Blind spot. Ironic coming from guys with no eyes.
Oddest Ball - 4 hours ago
"I have an everything-proof shield!" That's about the level of mentality they're working on.
Oddest Ball - 4 hours ago
Then she bites.
Oddest Ball - 4 hours ago
Ooga chacka ooga chacka.
Oddest Ball - 4 hours ago
Maki's a bit of a bitch.
Oddest Ball - 4 hours ago
I think these are Brett Kavanaugh's drinking buds.
Oddest Ball - 4 hours ago
*Kaiji flashbacks to E-card*
Oddest Ball - 4 hours ago
I'd imagine she went through what they're about to.
Anon - anon - 5 hours ago
Two things: 1) While i see why shipper is upset i have to call her(based on how she said guys) out on what she said. I'm a guy and i don't like Goblin Slayer for the same reason as Berserk and the Heavens Feel Rout from Fate/Stay Night: it's way to dark. And what about the fact the male adventurer was quite literally slaughtered? And please show me were it says only guys like it? 2 in reply)
Anon - all might - 5 hours ago
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
Guys and girls with no eyes. Yeah, this will totally go swimmingly.
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
I'm not hearing a no.
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
You're all monsters.
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
I hate To Love-ru.
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
And then she kills him.
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
Oh boo hoo, predator.
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
You forgot to add "bitch" at the end.
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
Could've just asked for Death 13.
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
Dat ass.
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
Side effects may include: spontaneous erection growth, double snake penis syndrome, and Foghorn leg horns.
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
But you're not a genie.
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
Still in a dream.~ Snake Eater.~
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
They never get it right.
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
True love plot point introduced for later.
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
Just say, "Get back, motherfucker. You don't know me like that," the next time you see her.
Oddest Ball - 6 hours ago
Who let Mayor Quimby deliver the address?
Anon - Anon - 6 hours ago
It's funny that almost everyone is blowing this completely out of proportions. There are other series that features something like this with even more graphic imagery, yet when this came into play, everyone lose their 's nuts. I mean come on, it wasn't doing this just to edgy, if you did your research about the background of this world it quite obvious that it's no picnic dealing with this.
Hectotane - 6 hours ago
I had no problem with rape in anime. Because, you know: Rape is bad, but it happens and most guys would love to get away with it. My only issue is the slaughtering of the shounen. It only fuels my belief that men hate other, better looking men as well as women.
Hectotane - 6 hours ago
I think the guy behind Senran Kagura is not being honest. Is his game "/e/-level fap material masquerading as a Dynasty Warrior rip-off?" Or is it a "Dynasty Warrior rip-off masquerading as /e/-level fap material?" "Wasted chances," I say. It could've been a long running /h/ anime title. Or else a fighting game ala Dead Or Alive.
Loli-sensei - 7 hours ago
Ok im outta here
Aceofcard - 7 hours ago
I gonna say yes
Oddest Ball - 7 hours ago
Oddest Ball - 7 hours ago
How has he lived this long then?
Anon - Gothrione - 8 hours ago
I say yes and no, more leaning towards no. Yes, it's a terrible act that hardly anyone wants to see depicted in main stream media, but here it establishes the stakes and makes the world believable with giving a reason why the goblins are seen as the villains. There is edgy that wants to be dark because it's cool, then there is edgy to make sure you know what is at risk. This show handles it okay.
Oddest Ball - 8 hours ago
I wonder how often those code monkeys have to be dispatched.
Anon - iknownothing - 8 hours ago
I don't consider it edgy since it doesn't seem to take itself seriously. The first few episodes upped the stakes of goblin hunting and introduced waifus that could one day be subject to said rape. It gave us a reason to hate goblins and enjoy them getting slaughtered while introducing waifus and other likable characters. Goblin Slayer is pretty much a fantasy version of High School of the Dead.
Anon - Sdss - 8 hours ago
Monkeys ?????
Anon - Sdss - 8 hours ago
Monkeys ?????
Anon - Sdss - 8 hours ago
Pc is often called superior.
Anon - Anon - 9 hours ago
BobTheBurgler - 9 hours ago
Old and predictable parroting by feminists. Sex dolls decrease the value of pyssies and feminazis are worried guys won't bend over backwards for a chance to see their axe wound.
The Avrage Weeb - 9 hours ago
Time to re-read this masterpiece!!!
Anon - Faggot#81939 - 9 hours ago
Isnt this the same guy who wrote "The Boy Who Waa Molested Over Three Days" or something like that? Is this supposed to be a continuation?
Ghostfiteme - 9 hours ago
She is so cute to bad she's about to get raped
ZeOmega - 10 hours ago
Its like these people have never heard of Berserk or Hellsing. Lmao, heck the negative PR will probably increase sales of the light novel. Also #Crunchyroll was a mistake :P Edit or maybe that should be twitter
GameJunkie999 - 10 hours ago
I read Goblin Slayer, and while they didn't have to show the rape scene in the anime, what the Goblins do to Human Girls is part of why Goblin Slayer hate them. They didn't censor what he does to the Goblin why should they censor what the goblin do to humans. makes us cheer GS on.
Anon - Yo - 11 hours ago
Another maroon
Anon - Anon - 11 hours ago
No shit, wonderful breakthroigh guys. A hentai bitch finally realized messages are just an excuse for guys to grope them. *clap* *clap* *clap*
Droffats - 11 hours ago
This is why CC is my favorite.
Droffats - 11 hours ago
I think I'm in love.
Droffats - 11 hours ago
While not as hilarious as the helmet on Lulu's crotch, that's awesome.
Droffats - 11 hours ago
Droffats - 11 hours ago
...You know, I had a feeling it would have a sliding panel, but that was NOT what I was expecting.
Droffats - 11 hours ago
Man, old doujin comments are ... something. Yes. Something. (Seriously, why was there so much fucking roleplaying?! It doesn't make any sense!)
SparkleFaggot - 12 hours ago
Droffats - 12 hours ago
heart eyes make me NUT
SparkleFaggot - 12 hours ago
RavenRa - 13 hours ago
Is it more acceptable for sisters to explore each others bodys sexually then it is for bro-sis?
Anon - lll - 13 hours ago
well fuck you too rich bastard
Anon - P - 14 hours ago
She’s 12 what did you expect
DaMujishun - 16 hours ago
she hard?
Anon - Onan-chan - 16 hours ago
He is literally a clown. If that doesn't cool her down, nothing will.
Anon - Onan-chan - 16 hours ago
"Who do you think washes your pants?" Possibly the first realistic line in a mother-son incest manga *ever*.
Anon - die - 17 hours ago
OldKid - 17 hours ago
Kids these days
OldKid - 18 hours ago
I hope there's a next chapter the plot story is great.
OldKid - 18 hours ago
More of this please
Anon - Anon - 19 hours ago
He kept saying stop no means no he will do it in real life
Anon - ‍ - 19 hours ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Anon - Dde - 21 hours ago
Go quickly, i cant wait kunoichi 3 go fast fast fast hahaha
Anon - Sanic - 21 hours ago
Way to be a dick faceless dude.
Anon - Tsiki Suki - 21 hours ago
Good staff
DocBizzleB - 22 hours ago
na lady ya gettin' DA DICK
DocBizzleB - 22 hours ago
i mean she asked for that to happen
hakufu_mankai - 22 hours ago
just a reminder boys; taking it against xseed is the wrong way to go. Want to make a estatement of this? Don't buy sony-made games. The only way you can actually "hurt" sony is thru money loss. Ah, and hacking, but that occurs pretty often so it doesn't surprise no one anymore.
hakufu_mankai - 22 hours ago
meh' DOAX3 wasn't a big deal. it also had a smaller roster of the official doa girls. the hell with the generic new ones.
Anon - Is that flubber? - 1 day ago
That moment you know she is going to find out.
DocBizzleB - 1 day ago
i can feel an OOF echo throughout the next chapter
Anon - A brutallly honest person - 1 day ago
Well screw that. Come on, what the hell Sony?! I can say for sure that everyone will agree: Censorship sucks balls!!!!!
DocBizzleB - 1 day ago
you thought, you cheeky little bitch you thought. welcome to the adult world
DocBizzleB - 1 day ago
........HOLD UP
Anon - Doctor Doot - 1 day ago
He's certainly very REproductive.
Anon - Doctor Doot - 1 day ago
Where were these studies conducted? Were they peer reviewed?
Anon - Doctor Doot - 1 day ago
That's definitely illegal.
Anon - Doctor Doot - 1 day ago
I feel like that might be illegal
---------------- - 1 day ago
Damned fools, the lot of you. It is not a matter of dialog or descriptions, it's a matter of quality. If they're good enough then it doesn't matter which you go with. Unfortunately, most porn dialog is terrible at best, and most porn descriptions either turn terrible kennings or just run out of synonyms and get hilariously wierd.
Anon - Lozano - 1 day ago
PSV players did it first but seems like Americans doesn't watch real sports
Anon - Zeebie - 1 day ago
Anon - Zeebie - 1 day ago
Her vagina is talking
Anon - Lol - 1 day ago
Excuse me, you missed out the undisputed best girl, tequila Joseph. Unbelievable.
R3qu13m - 1 day ago
trans bit** ch 2 is this
R3qu13m - 1 day ago
trans bi**h ch 1 is this
Anon - Halo - 1 day ago
This is cute.
Anon - Halo - 1 day ago
Such a sad story. If you wank off to this, then you're just bad.
Anon - Untamable - 1 day ago
How is chewing on it punishment?
notsofine - 1 day ago
that sakuras face, man, i could cum multiples times just seing this
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
So the webcomic is getting an RPG?
krimzon8 - 1 day ago
I mean i can jack off to wordless CG sets, but the dialogs can add/enhance context, something that can alter the mood of an image all together. Not to mention that if they're voiced you get to hear some sexy moans :D
krimzon8 - 1 day ago
Well, good thing I upgraded my PC  and bought the games on Steam.  I am disappointed in Sony, they should know that you get woke, you go broke.
Anon - Corn hub - 1 day ago
Tasty anal
Anon - anon - 1 day ago
You know i can't help but miss the old days. I mean the calling out of celebs/big wigs like Cosby is a good thing and i wouldn't trade it for the world. But at the same time i can't help but see the world today as full of two kinds of people: Those who just want to live their lives, and those who like to fuck it up while using peoples rights as a reason. Continue in reply)
Elegance - 1 day ago
Sony has made so many arrogant decisions this generation, but they's on top and swimming in money so I guess they won't care until that changes.
Anon - Intellectual - 1 day ago
I am a guy of dialogue myself, in fact I can't do cg sets without text at all. Lol I guess you could say I'm a intellectual like you
Unholy - 1 day ago
you mean yours if she had said anything.
Anon - Mav - 1 day ago
They must do some kind of work considering that paperwork and all the guys on computers
ZeOmega - 1 day ago
I hope everyone moves to PC just so they can march back to that Sony executive and say look at these results dumbass.
Anon - ZombiesOhMyGawd - 1 day ago
Take me dooown to Ragnarok City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty!
Anon - Elon-kun’s living sex robot - 1 day ago
Fuck yes Elon-kun!!! Harder!! Elooon-kuuun!!!