Anon - SelinaIvyQuinn - 2 minutes ago
awe this was pretty cute
Returner6th - 29 minutes ago
Those two are very difficult to differentiate.
Returner6th - 33 minutes ago
I'm not sure all those qualifications are something to be proud of
Returner6th - 36 minutes ago
Such advanced technology used for this
LinkOfKalos - 41 minutes ago
Ass to pussy is never a good idea
LinkOfKalos - 55 minutes ago
But she has his number. He can't call her if he doesn't have her number.
Anon - Me - 1 hour ago
Damn, thos nose rings are such a boner
manuelUra - 1 hour ago
well, sometimes people who never achieved something in their lives start hating just for the sake of hate, others are homophobic, and others accept it but, like me, are straight ^^"
Anon - Slootfruit - 1 hour ago
This is my favorite page of this one. Just holding his mother tightly as he unloads all of his love for her deep inside her
Engima42 - 1 hour ago
Well if they have another Kickstarter for there games my limit may be around a hundred dollars depending on the extras they are offering statue of Cue than my limit was just raised. Played the first one and the camgirl one and liked them not for the gameplay but for the writing and the luls so they got my wallet by the balls now.
Anon - Slootfruit - 1 hour ago
That's a lot of spunk. Then again her pussy is heavenly so the amount makes sense.
Anon - Niggawatts - 2 hours ago
Is this staged in texas? This doujin makes me feel at home
Anon - Anon - 2 hours ago
Tsf isekai. Wow.
Anon - Anon - 2 hours ago
Fucking voodoo bullshit man! Lol
Anon - Anon - 2 hours ago
Wouldn't a rabbit bite your dick off though? LOL
Anon - T - 2 hours ago
PantsuGod - 2 hours ago
Well, that escalated quickly
Hectotane - 2 hours ago
"They can stand you up at the gates of Hell, but DON'T BACK DOWN." says Tom Petty. The male voice in any NSFW project is too important to not have. And any person not having a voice when it's time to speak is just too weird.
ANALyzeer - 3 hours ago
Such A Gentleman
ANALyzeer - 3 hours ago
Out Of All The Things I Ever Thought To Read On A Doujin Site, Mexican Swastika Was Not On The List
ANALyzeer - 3 hours ago
Uhm Gringo Is Not An Insult, They Might Be Using It As One In This Case But It's Definitely Doesn't Compare To Someone Using A Racist Term Against Hispanics
ANALyzeer - 3 hours ago
ANALyzeer - 3 hours ago
I'm Loving This Art Style
Anon - Hibiki fan - 3 hours ago
The Kamen rider sentai crossover we need
Anon - Odd - 3 hours ago
The bad guy is the bad guy, at least until he's fucked by an even bigger bad guy.
Anon - Odd - 4 hours ago
Task failed successfully.
Anon - Odd - 4 hours ago
Yup, this line works for me every time. You guy's should try it out.
Anon - Odd - 4 hours ago
If you lick her pussy without cleaning it out first, is that gay?
Anon - Odd - 4 hours ago
Hol wat?
Anon - Odd - 4 hours ago
Wow, it's only the first page and we've already broken several laws, this is gonna be a good one.
Anon - Hamm - 4 hours ago
Blue Exorcist needs to be a category
Anon - Beavis and Butthead - 4 hours ago
Butthead: Huh huh shes Thicc Beavis: Yeah! Yeah! THICC!!!
Anon - idgaf - 5 hours ago
i either don't fully understand what netorare is or this doesn't really count, which is a relief since that's not my kink
UchihaMaster1 - 6 hours ago
This is such a great Doujin. We need more Darkness/Megumin/Kazuma threesomes.
tanakaba - 6 hours ago
Just saw the first two episodes. Pretty funny, and really underscores the dearth of female variety in anime; girls of all shapes, sizes, and ages show up, and I appreciate that their "reviews" are never unanimous. Different men actually have different preferences!
MrObvious - 7 hours ago
Male VA's should be included, I mean they feature in hentai alongside the ladies right? Yes I'd hire if I were a company man, but for acting meh, I'd leave it all to you. I'm just not good at it lol
Anon - Ecander - 7 hours ago
I love it
Anon - Ecander - 7 hours ago
Love it
Takeo159 - 8 hours ago
With an ass that big I'm surprised he could even make it in.
Anon - Anonnn - 8 hours ago
Why can't download
Anon - B - 9 hours ago
Anon - doudou - 9 hours ago
mother of depravation.
Wife-beater - 9 hours ago
So its not gay its a woman who doing the motions
Anon - thot slayer - 10 hours ago
From a goblin slayer to thot slayer
Anon - Anon - 10 hours ago
Except Mashu.
Anon - Slootfruit - 12 hours ago
Dude straight up DRENCHED her with his ball cream, and he already nutted earlier that day. Ridiculous amount. No wonder she doesn't let him bang. Too much of a risk.
Aldan - 13 hours ago
That went from 0 to 100 real quick.
Munchydragon - 13 hours ago
Waste of a amazon.
Munchydragon - 13 hours ago
Is humiliating her really worth more than taking out a rival?
Munchydragon - 13 hours ago
Well this is a distraction.
Munchydragon - 13 hours ago
What a waste of a amazon.
Munchydragon - 13 hours ago
What kind of magic?
Munchydragon - 13 hours ago
So how did he win?
Munchydragon - 13 hours ago
And just like that, you can tell sex is wrong method here.
Munchydragon - 13 hours ago
I know it’s a hentai but I feel there are better ways to take your revenge.
Munchydragon - 13 hours ago
Your a busty amazon that wears a outfit that screams fuck me I want male attention.
Ardokar - 14 hours ago
Sick stuff. vote dislike
Ardokar - 14 hours ago
THIS IS GAR**** Don't harm girls, that's one of the rules to being a gentlemen!! Also harming anyone is not okay.
Anon - Snakety69 - 14 hours ago
Y'know, this story is still absolutely fucked, but the fact that she's still in love with her boyfriend and having healthy loving sex with him after the shit that went down in these last two chapters takes a little bit of the sting away. Assuming that "A few days later" tag in chapter 7 is
Anon - ... - 14 hours ago
So she's only like that with the MC, yep she loves him
Anon - ... - 14 hours ago
She KNOWS you like it
Anon - SonicSerge - 15 hours ago
She acts like her life is ruined cause she gets to fuck the most popular guy in school.
dweebl - 15 hours ago
I hate this format of repeated images with slight adjustments. Who prefers that?
ANALyzeer - 16 hours ago
The Whole Fucking Body Is Ripped But The Ass Is Just A Smooth Curve, Right Okay
ANALyzeer - 16 hours ago
They Look Like Mechas
Anon - noname - 16 hours ago
where's the hands grabbing her boobs came from_?
Arachno - 16 hours ago
How the heck can he be horny when he is looking at himself?? damn talk about narcissism
Anon - ntr man who fucked your girl and mother - 17 hours ago
"more bad ntr" cry harder faggot lmfao
GaharaSan - 18 hours ago
Excuse me what? That transition was way too fast
Anon - nonsense - 18 hours ago
so she went to get fucked and now she wants to kill herself because she got fucked. :D
sorahoki - 19 hours ago
I’m just praying this guy isn’t a scum bag and someone forgot to add the rape tag >.
Numberonefan - 20 hours ago
Ooof good luck recovering from that bitch
Anon - Plank - 20 hours ago
I just realized that I haven't fapped to a cyclops monstergirl since the first season of Futurama aired.
Anon - Zenny - 21 hours ago
Meh, I'd go for futa on futa or female, not this
Anon - Zenny - 21 hours ago
Can't even go to the library smh. I guess there will be another chapter going by what he said >:)
Anon - Black Guy - 21 hours ago
Hold up so homie just fucking unconcious women at the movies lmfao
Anon - Anon - 21 hours ago
Wholesome Vanilla Yes
LeogangMonty - 22 hours ago
Those are some nice titties
Anon - Me - 22 hours ago
Who the fuck would think this is even remotely sexy?
tonytaker - 22 hours ago
Again with the sleeping really
tonytaker - 22 hours ago
Not really my cup of tea dragging someone really
Anon - Grue - 1 day ago
Toyota, huh? They went full on using a car company name as a last name! LOL
Anon - Anon - 1 day ago
Reprint prolly of
The_Inside_Job - 1 day ago
Guile got the sweaty sumo ass over his head,   an american hero.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
I wonder if they'd share this revolutionary transitioning surgery with the rest of the world.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
You know, with all of them there, it would be a pretty opportune time to get working on escape plans.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Fucking Hell, don't even want to wait for her to get clean?
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
"I can't believe you're the same Mei from Overwatch I hated!"
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Genetics proof or get the fuck out.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Good thing Kiryu and Saeijima went to non-private prisons.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Private prisons. One of the worst cesspits of lazy greed.
LinkOfKalos - 1 day ago
Next door.
LinkOfKalos - 1 day ago
This was really fuckin cute. I want there to be a continuation
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Crab rave.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
A lot more fucking, I think.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Better get used to panic with him.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Guess he doesn't want to transition.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Easily thrust when dry. Ow.
Anon - D-head man - 1 day ago
Anon - D-head man - 1 day ago
Pot-hole, cookie jar, the untamed, tartar sauce container
Droffats - 1 day ago
Is he wholesome?!
Droffats - 1 day ago
lol taking a break to drink water
Droffats - 1 day ago
Chaste. Also, HEART EYES.
Droffats - 1 day ago
Gotta respect his integrity.
Droffats - 1 day ago
That's actually her nose, but I thought it was her mouth at first, too.
Droffats - 1 day ago
Whoa, wasn't expecting glasses. Naisu.
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
"I was attracted to you as a straight man, but now that I know you have a penis, I'm gay for you."
Oddest Ball - 1 day ago
Something something astrolite.