Droffats - 2 minutes ago
"Or maybe" what? Was I right, and you secretly want to be ravished, or are otherwise not concentrating?
Droffats - 4 minutes ago
I think you're just getting distracted, actually. You should work on that.
Droffats - 5 minutes ago
Droffats - 9 minutes ago
Literally lightheaded. Hilarious.
Droffats - 10 minutes ago
"I did just quit my job. . ." Also, Tiffany? Never thought I'd see that name in the world of doujins.
Droffats - 18 minutes ago
This page is slightly darker than the others, and I don't think it's a stylistic choice. Scanning error? Also, what's all that about? Are their genitalia sealed until they get a "taste" of their victim, so to speak?
Anon - Me - 22 minutes ago
Welp, that demon disguise didn't stayed on long.
Droffats - 23 minutes ago
Last panel: demonic power surge. Also, I don't usually see heart eyes drawn like in the second panel. Still hot.
Droffats - 25 minutes ago
Heart eyes.
Droffats - 25 minutes ago
Ah, so she's used to operating purely on a spiritual plane, and not a physical one. Thus, the warmth of an actual body (in the context of intercourse) is noteworthy. I'd suspected that, after thinking on how much emphasis was being put on how she had only been doing it with him in his dreams up to this point, but I didn't feel like editing my comment to add further speculation. ...Don't judge me.
Anon - Me - 26 minutes ago
"Give me a body that's made for sex" What a retarded wish that can only backfire on your ass with its vague premise. He's lucky she didn't turned him into a fluffy rabbit.
Anon - Futanari - 28 minutes ago
Droffats - 31 minutes ago
...I put salt on damn near everything I eat.
Droffats - 34 minutes ago
Uh? What's that about fear, pain, and suffering? Is that supposed to be what the SUCCubus* is reading from him? But the next instance of similar text is "so warm," which I'd expect from the guy. . . *I have suddenly decided that this is the only acceptable transcription. ...More fitting for the ones in Fue's work because there's so much fellatio, but whatever.
Droffats - 40 minutes ago
She literally just said binding magic, but I know that's not what he was really asking. Also, I was expecting something like "come to think of it, you're practically my dream girl" or the like. I wouldn't go so far as to say it would be clever, but it'd be a little funny. Also, WHY THE FUCK HAS MY WORDING SWITCH FLIPPED, I WAS PLANNING ON FAPPING? This always seems to happen.
Droffats - 44 minutes ago
Implying she's usually in his dreams?
Droffats - 46 minutes ago
Was he one of those daycare people? And was that girl supposed to be a petite (or young, part-time) coworker, or one of his charges?! Also, hot. I know I haven't seen much yet, but it's still hot.
Droffats - 53 minutes ago
This appears to be a reupload (with actual tags) of the same doujin from two-and-a-half years ago, and with the same translator, Hennojin. The other four, which are new to this site, were NOT translated by Hennojin. I haven't actually read any of them yet, so I don't know if they're all that different, but I felt like it was worth pointing out. Just thought it was a little weird.
Droffats - 1 hour ago
First part gets a C, this gets an A+.
Droffats - 1 hour ago
Droffats - 1 hour ago
And as per ancient law, you are now subservient to the victor?
Droffats - 1 hour ago
punished sasaki-kun
Droffats - 1 hour ago
Droffats - 1 hour ago
"Actually, I'd like to be a futanari, please. They seem to have more fun."
Droffats - 1 hour ago
Don't think I've seen a funnel used like that before. . . Also, why the hell aren't there more futanari paizuris? In general, I mean; not just here.
Droffats - 1 hour ago
Droffats - 1 hour ago
I suddenly have a new appreciation for double penetration.
Droffats - 1 hour ago
Slightly less hot, but I'll fuckin' take it!
Droffats - 1 hour ago
I'M NOT ALONE Also, I think this panel is particularly hot.
Droffats - 1 hour ago
I'm pretty sure she's mostly just consumed in her newfound futanari lust, but whatever makes you happy, Sasaki-kun. (Which seems to include becoming pregnant with her baby, now. More power to you!)
Droffats - 1 hour ago
That's because Sasaki-kun's being fucked by his crush! ...Admittedly, not in the way he'd ever imagined, but still. Miyazaki not being a dude also helps.
Droffats - 1 hour ago
Sasaki-kun has contracted the heart-eye disease. There's no going back, now.
Droffats - 1 hour ago
This is already looking to be so much better than the first part.
Droffats - 1 hour ago
FUTANARI. (I realize it was tagged with futanari, but I've seen enough false-positives when gender benders get involved to be leery. Very happy.)
Droffats - 1 hour ago
Droffats - 1 hour ago
Interesting direction for a titfuck. Don't see that often.
Droffats - 1 hour ago
Please direct your attention to the top-left corner of the last panel.
Droffats - 1 hour ago
Never ask a demon to "do something" without specifying.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Dicks are on standby and ready to fire, sir.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Biggidy booded, you've all been lewded.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Hey, you summoned her, she has to be real.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Plug her into an electrical socket.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
You were charmed by a simple compliment.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
The one phrase you should never tell Maya that.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Be sure she doesn't blow it on casino tokens that can't be redeemed for money.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Are they trying to block the door?
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Tits so hot, cum evaporates right off them.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Didn't it used to be sexual but had to be censored down? Wow, compliments really set her off.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
That slime and platypunk don't want to get involved.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Please, leave Torneko's kid alone.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Come on, can't they just fuck the protag instead of random shotas?
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
She wanted you to get the fuck out.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
No duh.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Yes, yes you are.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
You could have spoiled yourself.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Keep rolling rolling rolling rolling!~
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
You don't own her.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
What a weird thing to be jealous over.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Living in a shotgun shack.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
You're not.
Oddest Ball - 2 hours ago
Hypnotize me, put me in a trance.~ S. I. M. P. Squirrels in my pants.~
borsniel - 3 hours ago
I've found having a big dick to be more annoying then anything else. have to make sure I get the magnum condoms and anything that is "ultra thin" is not to be trusted, had one to many scares there. Positions are limited to because most women don't like getting slammed in the cervix over and over again, so cowgirl tends to be my go to so that she can do what is comfortable.
Anon - Niggaman - 4 hours ago
I feel like there’s a difference between pushing someone down and then basically raping them, then humiliating him in front of everyone and make fun of it. Man hentai is weird as fuck dude lol.
LinkOfKalos - 5 hours ago
Well. Okay. This sucks.
LinkOfKalos - 5 hours ago
I need more! Is there a continuation!? I need to know!
Anon - Y - 5 hours ago
Why do they always call it mana
LinkOfKalos - 5 hours ago
Lookin cool, Joker
LinkOfKalos - 5 hours ago
Anon - fapper - 5 hours ago
I really love it when girls are lined up for spit roasting
pearsonross0 - 6 hours ago
This is insanely hot
Anon - anon - 6 hours ago
I wish this would have its own chapter. The girls accidentally open a forbidden book and they are magically dressed as cats while werewolves fuck them.
Anon - Anon - 6 hours ago
Im calling the police
Anon - Boi - 7 hours ago
Nico Nico Niii
Anon - Necro - 7 hours ago
The possibilities are almost endless with golems and marionettes, as discussed in the episode, those morons just decided to make them look like someone they know. Doesn't mean you have to follow in their foot steps. And they honestly made such a big deal about light spirits. It's really for your own safety to do it out in the open, otherwise you'll find out what it's like to fuck a flashbang.
Anon - K - 8 hours ago
Deku Scrub - 10 hours ago
Danger! Danger! Danger!
Washi-Washi - 11 hours ago
meh, its kinda hot
tyrker - 11 hours ago
This was just awesome.
Anon - Pyrowhip - 11 hours ago
Even porn dissing my gen
Anon - Anon - 12 hours ago
Literally just slept with a girl last night that said I was the most painful dick she had taken. It's hard to tell if that's a good thing or not
randomdude - 12 hours ago
all according to keikaku
Anon - LK - 12 hours ago
Shots fired at the meeting today
Anon - Anon - 13 hours ago
I wanna hear this mixtape.
Anon - Anon - 13 hours ago
The biggest mystery to me is why there's some continuous attempt at trolling the internet by pretending what is glaringly the average penis size is actually "small" and should be shamed. Like, condom manufacturers are more than up front with this info (it's also kind of their job to know it), yet there's this weirdass "omg, your penis is ONLY 6 inches? How do you live with such a microdick?"
Dreammur - 14 hours ago
The hell is wrong with the dudes dick in the last image
Razielzx - 14 hours ago
I don't think it's a good idea to cuck Ichigo, imagine if he discover this, this would have an enraged full hollowfied Ichigo after him.
DocBizzleB - 17 hours ago
This is why they are called traps, sir
DocBizzleB - 17 hours ago
And this is how Chaturbate and other cam sites work
DocBizzleB - 17 hours ago
Some nice vanilla for a change
Anon - Anoncabbage - 17 hours ago
I know it's been 8 years but what the fuck y'all talking about?
Gossimer - 18 hours ago
Actually decent (for an h-manga) world-building there.
Anon - TS - 18 hours ago
I thought it was funny
Himinthetub - 19 hours ago
I usually like porn situations where I can see myself in. That is, straight sex with me being a white guy. It's not that I have anything against lesbians or other races or anything, but I just can't get into it, probably because it makes me conscious of that cucking position porn leaves us in when we watch it, as observers.
FemboySucker69 - 20 hours ago
make more male worshiping futa
exodusee7 - 21 hours ago
Personally no, I don't view it. It's not my thing.
Eroforever - 21 hours ago
Marionette: Basically building a sentient love doll. I saw a couple H-Manga that did that. The one by Tosh was the best. Will-O-Wisp: Basically open orgy night but censored from all the naughty bits. Some would argue that makes it more appealing but that's for personal taste at that point.
exodusee7 - 21 hours ago
On the internet, everyone's dick is big.
Anon - Anon - 21 hours ago
For context, 1,000,000 silver in Black Desert Online is like an hour's worth of farming. So she had a train run on her for the equivalent of less than one gold in WoW
Anon - Anon - 21 hours ago
I'm honestly not sure how she has 0 silver considering Black Desert Online is a game that literally gives you money every single day, especially for being high level.
Anon - TrapSeekingMissle - 22 hours ago
Can't wait for the final chapter where he contracts AIDS.
Anon - TrapSeekingMissle - 22 hours ago
You know what's crazy? I was over here beating my meat and was thinking if my favorite trap series got another chapter and hazzah manifestation works.
Your_FBI_Agent - 23 hours ago
Ok boomer
umknown - 23 hours ago
Personal trainer? gets extra close to his clients
umknown - 23 hours ago
Workout clothes should be light weight.
umknown - 23 hours ago
I have read this like 3 times now. It's really good.
umknown - 23 hours ago
That is sexy as fucking hell. LOL it's a demon
umknown - 23 hours ago
No hands, must have felt really good to cum that way.
Anon - Odder Ball - 1 day ago
Unless the doujin is implying that all women naturally have the urge to swallow cum, I think the prince might just be a closet homosexual.
Anon - Odder Ball - 1 day ago
Getting big Ouran Highschool vibes here.
Skeet_Master_Ree - 1 day ago
My boners gone but I don’t care XD Fuckin so casual FUCK ME DAMMIT Aight ok
Anon - Xdmekr - 1 day ago
This nigga had the power to choose anything and he wasted it on some silly mother fetish
Anon - non - 1 day ago
Want the composer Add the story part 2 Which gave the mother's true son the opportunity to have sex with his mother.