Anon - . - 28 minutes ago
This is weirdly wholesome
umknown - 45 minutes ago
What the actual fuck is the translator attempting to write? I barely notice minor errors to this must be horrible.
Anon - funnyman.jfif - 1 hour ago
no papa
Anon - Titan - 1 hour ago
I blame Sony moving to Cucklafornia. SJWs hate Japanese culture. I won't be buying a ps5, I'll stick with Chadtendo.
MrObvious - 1 hour ago
It's pretty good all right. You can go anywhere with FE audio doujins, hope we get more involving dark mage Tharja and her darkly seductive sweetness.
MrObvious - 1 hour ago
Hmm, interesting. I too have only heard some inklings about these here and there so hopefully this will bring them to the forefront of our skimpy manga /anime radar.
Anon - unknown - 1 hour ago
the manga series haven't finished yet, and this is like way ahead of the manga. So in the end they broke up, what a waste.
Anon - H - 1 hour ago
And then there's blood. Of course. I'll be leaving now
God Revan - 2 hours ago
Not to downplay their work but ASMR with "Lewd", for me personally, doesn't mix well. It just doesn't sit right with me on why people need to whisper their seduction on you instead of it being normal.
goldendriger - 2 hours ago
Anon - Incursio - 2 hours ago
No regrets
Anon - Anon - 2 hours ago
He's such a master of flipping, you didn't even notice HE FLIPPED THE ENTIRE PAGE.
Anon - Anon - 2 hours ago
Fast learner.
Beheaded-king - 2 hours ago
I am now happy with my life now
Anon - Anon - 2 hours ago
If you weren't into biting, then why did you recruit cerb into your harem?
Anon - Anon - 2 hours ago
Stahp! You're breaking the game!
Anon - Anon - 2 hours ago
The absolute madman!
Anon - Anon - 2 hours ago
Oh come on, the Entrance of Kateen Forest isn't THAT deep in the woods. It's right next to Tenet Garden, literally a short jog from the largest church in the Siauliai area.
Anon - Anon - 2 hours ago
Yep, that's Tree of Savior, alright.
Anon - Anon - 2 hours ago
But I didn't see a Linker anywhere. Also, they'd use Physical Link, not Joint Penalty. This upsets me greatly.
Anon - Anon - 3 hours ago
I call bullshit. The poof is strictly left-shoulder-only.
Anon - anonymous - 3 hours ago
rape tag?
Anon - AnotherAnon - 3 hours ago
Huh, on page 13 where she mentions the other girls being nice the artist drew one of his characters from another hentai they made (the blond girl with a skirt), who is actually a cross dressing boy. Huh.
Anon - Peter Olive - 3 hours ago
they gonna mug me? *goes anyway*
Anon - :( - 3 hours ago
no even a little boob
Anon - be sincere - 3 hours ago
do Japan deserve rights?
Anon - per ohlin - 3 hours ago
Anon - Hentai>porn - 3 hours ago
I deserve to die
Anon - pornisback - 3 hours ago
rule 34 was here
Anon - anon - 3 hours ago
i cannot fathom why anyone aside from some inexperienced teens would be into sexting. its really just super pointless. like why would you not just go look at the plethora of free porn at our fingertips these days? sexting, especially with someone random just seems like it would be disappointing. not to mention awkward as fuck.
Anon - anon - 3 hours ago
ugly bastard alert. fuck this artist.
Anon - Oddball is a bitch - 4 hours ago
Anon - Allah - 4 hours ago
Anon - effectcausedied - 6 hours ago
look how is back. like it!
Anon - effectcausedied - 6 hours ago
sex crazy (kinda expected)
Anon - effectcausedied - 6 hours ago
Anon - effectcausedied - 6 hours ago
she became taller?
Anon - Countblackula616 - 6 hours ago
ITs so damn on! Slime audios? Idk, I check here occasionally. Guess I'll find out if Cummies-san did a good trap voice.
Anon - MAFIA TAJIR 69 - 6 hours ago
I expected he would suicide in his house and his wife enjoy the gangbang in front of her dead husband wkwkkwwk
Anon - Countblackula616 - 6 hours ago
Again, this is Doujinshi. BTW your mental scars are healed, by me eating them.
Egad - 6 hours ago
An orgy with all the spider people in "Into the Spider-Verse" would have been a hotter scenario
Anon - Countblackula616 - 6 hours ago
Well, we are reading a Doujinshi.
Egad - 7 hours ago
Why rape? Why by this guy?
Egad - 7 hours ago
Oh dear
Egad - 7 hours ago
But why though
Egad - 7 hours ago
Those quadriceps though. Those rectus femoris, damn. Show off your sartorius and vestus medialis
chadthunder818 - 7 hours ago
It should have the rape tag
Beheaded-king - 8 hours ago
Definitely not my proudest fap
Anon - Shiro - 8 hours ago
Rin would of enjoyed me and Archer more than those three studs.
Anon - anon - 8 hours ago
You know i would have liked this series so much more if the girls in it didn't look under-aged. I feel like i was committing a crime watching it. Heck, all they'd have to do is make them a little taller and it be fine. Spring episode was even worse.
Anon - xxs link - 9 hours ago
xxs link
Anon - Jennifer R. Silva - 9 hours ago
Anon - security researcher - 9 hours ago
Anon - security researcher - 9 hours ago
filter is good
Anon - rest - 9 hours ago
xxs link
Anon - test - 9 hours ago
Anon - test - 9 hours ago
twistedwolf9000 - 9 hours ago
Japanese and they're trains
Anon - Grith - 9 hours ago
When you come to fap but the story is too wholesome
randomdude - 9 hours ago
He's not wrong tho, if you take those things out fast it can lead to tearing and bleeding
Beheaded-king - 10 hours ago
I gonna be blunt did not see the dick till I clicked on this
ManOfCulture - 10 hours ago
no man should wield such power
Returner6th - 10 hours ago
This is too meta.
Anon - Arbiter - 10 hours ago
so, at 5 years old y’all were gawking
Anon - Hak-sama - 10 hours ago
It has begun, brothers.
FireballDragon - 10 hours ago
Ravioli ravioli, don't lewd the Spider-lo- God damn it, too late.
Anon - Arbiter - 11 hours ago
well shit, it really is fat ugly bastard.
Anon - Arbiter - 11 hours ago
sigmoid colon
Anon - Arbiter - 11 hours ago
Oh shit they actually have socks.
Anon - Arbiter - 11 hours ago
Dunno man, are the socks on?
Anon - Arbiter - 11 hours ago
Anon - Arbiter - 11 hours ago
fuckin tumor tits
Anon - Arbiter - 11 hours ago
Anon - nobody - 12 hours ago
the first of many, i hope
Anon - nobody - 12 hours ago
chad 100
Ona Kitana - 12 hours ago
The word mistress should have never been used.
Anon - Yeet - 13 hours ago
About time
voli1293 - 13 hours ago
think its weird people who are straight care so much about what the dudes penis looks like. I personally as a straight male care not about the color or size of the dudes penis as long as the girl is good looking and can "act" like its the best thing she's had in years. male is just a faceless silhouette to me half the time
Anon - Baby Jeebus - 14 hours ago
the power of crust compels you -|-
Tosakuken - 14 hours ago
Fucking God damn it I laughed my boner away
Anon - nonA - 14 hours ago
i would play with your elastic breast
Anon - Jojofag - 15 hours ago
Next to the child?! Only in anime those things
Anon - fuckingweeb - 15 hours ago
girlgoat you savage
Anon - Full Stop - 15 hours ago
Kord Nuxinor is the only one who gets away with stuff like that
Anon - Joker - 15 hours ago
WTF is that pussy perspective???
Reemer72 - 16 hours ago
Why are they whispering sounds like they are trying to be sexy milf instead of just being sexy milfs
Anon - Bob - 16 hours ago
All the comments are 9 years old
Anon - Gay man - 16 hours ago
Whoever reads this is gay
Anon - name - 16 hours ago
holy shit you fucking killed her dude
Anon - Spinge bob - 16 hours ago
Is this shit legal
Anon - Spinge bob - 17 hours ago
Wear are these not censored, its ok im 15
Anon - why - 17 hours ago
gappy has sensed a disturbance
Anon - why - 18 hours ago
yeah that’s gonna be a no from me
Oddest Ball - 19 hours ago
Sure, you get the MILFs, but you'll still feel like shit afterwards because it's Denny's.
Anon - Shrodinger - 19 hours ago
Yep I agree.
Anon - G - 19 hours ago
Liar, nothing's better than badminton
Anon - Anonymouse - 20 hours ago
Dirty slut probably has unprotected headpats too
Anon - Bruh - 20 hours ago
Wait sett is stepping on Rakan while he’s holding xayah, -_-
ANALyzeer - 21 hours ago
Alright Mr. President Calm Down
Anon - anon anon not the anon - 21 hours ago
nice pict
Anon - anon anon not the anon - 21 hours ago
sisters! to get her!
Anon - Not aGay guy - 21 hours ago
no links? futanari. org /feeds /top-25-hottest-ts-pornstars-in-2019/ silly
Anon - Not aGay guy - 21 hours ago
Anon - Not aGay guy - 21 hours ago
TS? yeah maybe not so gay but
ANALyzeer - 21 hours ago
Just Couldn't Ease Into That Kink Conversation Huh?
Anon - SayoQ anonymousscanner - 21 hours ago
seen it. it isn’t so sezy
Anon - Canonseeker - 21 hours ago
yeah, Newgrounds is a good place
Anon - SayoQ anonymousscanner - 21 hours ago
fusion-HAH! dbz gay was that
Anon - SayoQ anonymousscanner - 21 hours ago
idk THAT magic
Anon - Weeb-sensei - 21 hours ago
"Do you think god lives in heaven out of fear of what he's created?
Anon - SayoQ anonymousscanner - 21 hours ago
DP at least it is futanari
Anon - MMD - 21 hours ago
RWBY MMD channels.
Anon - Dude - 21 hours ago
My friend sent me this
Anon - G - 22 hours ago
Anon - Weeb-sensei - 22 hours ago
The god ball makes a comeback!