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Audio Doujins: Cynthia Tasting More Than Just Ice Cream
By ImJustThatKinky • 10 months ago • 6 comments

Man, I love a girl who enjoys sucking dick. Cynthia is sadly not that type of girl, but she soon will be. The more gullible the girl is, the hotter it is when you trick them into doing all sorts of naughty things. I was happy to work with the wonderful Mooni, who did a great job at showing Cynthia’s mature innocents, while slowly getting in trance by the new sexual experience. You guy's beg to hear more male voice acting, so your boi Kinky is here representing Team Skull! I really enjoyed editing this one, so I hope you enjoy it as well.

Alola! Shirona-san no Dangerous Swimsuit Shoot

Cynthia voiced by MissMoonified

Team Skull Member voiced by ImJustThatKinky 

What did you think of Mooni’s performance? What did you think of my Team Skull performance? What did you think of the editing? Tell us in the comments below.