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Yosuke Is a Straight White Cis Male
By ImJustThatKinky • 4 years ago

Well, he’s actually Japanese, but you get the point! With Catherine Full Body coming closer to it’s western release, people are bringing up Atlus history of “disrespecting” the LGBTQ+ community. People already hate Toby and Vincent from Catherine for their “transphobic” remarks. But now people are bringing up my boi Yosuke as being a homophobe.

Now, I love Yosuke. I think Kanji is a better character and I love him more, but I love Yosuke. I love his character, I love his interaction with the group, and pretty much loved his involvement in the story all around. But other people hate the fact that he’s supposedly such a homophobe to Kanji. Making sly remarks and being afraid that Kanji may try to make a move on him. This is an aspect I like about Yosuke, because one, it makes him a relatable characters for teens of his age, and secondly, it makes him a more real character.

Most guys when their young, and straight, are, for lack of better words, afraid of being gay. It’s the thing of that gay people, mostly males, are made fun of or picked on if found out that they’re attracted to the same sex. Yosuke being afraid that if Kanji did anything that could be considered gay around  him, that he’ll also be consider gay is a real concern for many young males. Now I’m not saying that this viewpoint is a good trait of Yosuke, but it does make him a more real and relatable character.

Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful

The main point that I want people to see is that this trait doesn’t make Yosuke a homophobe, it only makes him a young male teen who is afraid of judgement and being mislabeled as something that he isn’t. The LGBTQ+ should understand how much someone would hate to be labeled. And no matter how much he teases and makes fun of Kanji, none of it was done in a malicious or hurtful way. They all came from view of confusion and fear.

And who cares what Yosuke say. He's just mad that Kanji will always be best boy!

Did you like Yosuke as a character? Do you think Yosuke is homophobic? Were you afraid of being considered gay when you were younger? Tell us in the comments below.