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Is The Switch From Anime to Movie Jarring?
By WakeUpSnooze • 4 months ago • 6 comments

Recently, as you probably heard by now, Demon Slayer announced that a movie will be coming out that covers the train arc. If you haven’t, fellow blogger Yung Namahage put out a nice summary of that here. Now what you may have not heard, is that the Legend of the Galactic Heroes remake did something similar by announcing three movies that will come out over the course of this fall (Sept. 27, Oct. 25, Nov. 29) to cover the second season. So here’s my thing…

How do we feel about an anime transitioning into a movie? Personally, I always get a little disappointed for a couple of reasons. First, I love that anime episodes are 24ish minutes instead of the typical 45-60 minutes of American television. You can pop one at breakfast before school, pop one during your lunch break at work, pop one in-between doing household chores, they’re very flexible due to their shorter duration. Whenever a movie comes out I’m like “aw fuck, I have to schedule 1 hour and 30 minutes or more of uninterrupted time to sit down and watch this?” Normally if you’re busy, you can just skip a movie, but if you watched the previous anime episodes it’s like, I’ll be dead before I miss that train arc son.

Secondly, damn son there’s no opening? Anime openings are one of my favorite aspects of the medium, and it’s no secret that Demon Slayer’s first OP was a masterclass. The song and visuals worked together beautifully to create an orgasmic one minute and thirty seconds. I was a little disheartened to not see a second opening for the second set of episodes, but it was understandable after seeing how much work went into the first one. I was sure I’d see another one produced for the second season anyway. But damn, now I won’t get shit unless the movie has something reminiscent of an opening in the beginning.

Oh fuck yeah, that's the stuff.

Lastly, I never know what the fuck is going on in terms of future planning when the movies are direct continuations instead of spinoffs not affecting the main plot. So we had 26 episodes for Demon Slayer and 12 for Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Are we putting out these movies, then going back to an anime format? Are we doing movies from now on to finish the series? Are these movies the death sentence of “yeah the budget’s not looking so good, take these as a finale and we’re out”. Since the My Hero Academia movie isn’t a direct sequel, I’m assuming okay yeah the anime will continue covering the main plot until completion at this point. However, with these other anime their future is kinda murky. I really want to see Demon Slayer completed too. I’ll find time to watch six fucking movies if I have to, just finish it.

Dafaq you boys need a movie for? I'd read this good ass dialogue animated on a Etch A Sketch.

I realize my reasoning to prefer the traditional anime format is very subjective, so I’m interested to hear what the public thinks. Do you guys feel uneasy when you see a shift to movies? Do you care one way or the other? Direct a movie about it in the comments below.