Is it Okay to Lewd Shiho?
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago • 21 comments

I remember searching through Tumblr back in the day (yeah, that old dead place), and seeing someone asks a NSFW Persona artist if they would ever draw Shiho? The artist's response was that they would draw Shiho, but not in a lewd manner. She doesn’t need to be lewd. Now if you’ve played Persona 5, you may can figure out why the artist said this. Shiho was a victim of sexual assault at the hands of her gym teacher. Now in real life, this is something to take very seriously and appropriately. But when it comes to a fictional character, should this be taken as serious as to not lewd her, or is ever fictional character no matter what they’ve been through, endangered of being lewd.

Well, this is, so it’ll be a sin for me not to at least show you the lewds that have already been made of her. Sadly, there are so little of them, and some of the ones that you do get aren’t the best drawn. But for those who love Shiho and want to see her lewd, you take what you can get.

Should Shiho be lewd? Should a character backstory effect if they should be lewd or not? Do you want to see more Shiho lewds? Tell us in the comments below.