8 Yandere Girls who will Love You to Death
By Kasaix • 9 months ago • 3 comments


Let's be honest here: when it comes to girls, some girls can be sexy and terrifying at the same time. They can be so hot that fear is outweighed by desire. I speak, of course, of the yandere girl. Girls so devoted to their lovers that they will start and win a war just for them. It's sweet in a scary way. It's a classic girl archetype that, if done well, makes for an endearing, if scary, girl to watch and grant waifu status during a series. To honor these scarily hot girls, here are eight of the best doujins starring yandere girls getting their guys no matter what.

1. Aigan Ningyou to Kako ni Torawareta Kanojo by Kirin Kakeru

A guy finds his tutor's secret room with a mannequin inside that looks just like him. A newspaper clip informs him that it's made to look like a missing boy from years ago. He looks just like the mannequin, and it's good enough for the tutor.

2. Please, Hold Me by sen

A guy and girl reunite when she enters her first year of high school. She greets him after so long with a taser shot, and gives him a nice wake up in the nurse's office, professing her love and her hard work to get into his school and meet his standards of an ideal girl.


3. Confined Love With A Yandere Onee-chan by Ayase Hazuki ★

There's no story available for this one, but the title is promising and the CGs are enticing.

4. Disconnect Girl- Little Strange Lovers by Tsuzuri

 A girl drugs and handcuffs her boyfriend overnight after she saw him talking to another girl at school. This is a completely reasonable and rational response.


5. Never Let Go by Sumisuzu ★

A guy has a fear of women and wants his friend to help him conquer it before he graduates. His friend dresses up in strange clothes and becomes a girl, with a new yandere trait.

6. XXdere Girlfriend by Monety

 A guy confessed to a cold and stoic girl at his school. It turns out that she's pretty crazy, but also pretty hot.

Choke me mommy.

7. The Bitter, Sweet and Painful Thorn by Gentsuki ★

 A girl loves her brother, and has various difficulties confessing it.

8. You actually want to do it, right by Hairaito

This is a Mirai Nikki doujin.

We couldn't have a yandere doujin without the queen of yandere girls: Yuno.

Yuno has Yukiteru pinned onto a bed. He sees no alternative than to go along with her.