This Uriel Figure is Well-Rounded
By Kasaix • 3 months ago • 13 comments

Okay, puns aside, there's a reason I bring this up. We don't normally talk about hentai figures. They're a thing that exists, and that's fine. I saw this figure and thought "well damn, that looks interesting". Uriel from Nanatsu no Bitoku looks fine. 

This figure can be found on Jlist HERE. It's just...without the armor on, her boobs look to be in mid-bounce. Yeah, it's an action pose, and anime boobs move around like that mid-action. It's just mesmerizing when they're in mid-bounce. The figure looks great, and the price definitely reflects that. The mid-bounce thing just sells it though. Not for me, I don't collect. Other people though, who most definitely don't fap to things like this and decrease their value each time.