Gamers Find a Way: Seeing Up Rem's Dress in Re:Zero VR
By Kasaix • 6 months ago • 4 comments

VR, like 3D before it, entices gamers of culture to see up girl's dresses, like Peach herself. We must, because we can. We are driven to find the undiscovered country. For those unaware, Re:Zero has a Japan-only VR game/experience starring Rem and Emilia. It allows players to rest on Rem's lap and be fed by Emilia. Take a look at some of it below.

It looks cute, right? Well cute quickly turns sexy, and quite franky interesting, when you try to take the POV how you want it. I say interesting, because these fans are likely contorting themselves to get the much-desired panty shot. You can see the entire run-up on the site HERE, but below you can find some key shots.

So, no panties, and she's as anatomically correct as a Barbie doll. Still, I admire the effort to look up the skirt.