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Top 5 My Hero Academia Doujins
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 years ago • 18 comments

EVILDOERS BEWARE!!! Because the almighty up incumming superhero Captain Doujins is here to save the day. With my large arsenal of doujins to apprehend any of my enemies, with a selection of tags and fetishes that could stop the most savage of child molesters, I am the hero that every lonely otaku boy needs and wants. So today, I’ll show off my top 5 best My Hero Academia doujins that are so good, it’s criminal. PLUS ULTRA!

I see where Bakugo gets his hot-tempered personality from; it’s from his hot-as-fuck mom! Get it...because she’s hot...and he’s angry all the time...I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU DEKU!!! Anyways, Bakugo’s mom might be one of the hottest mom characters in recent times for me. Little Deku, made a little messy in his pantsy, and Bakugo’s mom is there to help him clean up the mess… by licking his underwear-covered semen O.O! You have to read it to believe it...Okay not really, this is a doujin so something like that is pretty much the norm if we’re being honest. Sadly, this doujin is only good for a warm-up, coming in hot (pun intended) with only 8 pages. So use this to get your stick of justice charged up.

Hey, do you like crazy bitches? Do you like crazy bitches with knives? Do you like crazy bitches with knives that threaten to chop your dick off? If you said yes to all of those questions then Toga’s the girl for you. Toga is a girl with only the most refined taste. Her favorite activity is killing people and collecting their blood. But if that doesn’t get you off you freak, her second favorite activity is having sex. Deku has just finished dealing with a Nemu. Toga appears right behind him, ambushing him without a second to react. With him now pinned down beneath her, she makes him experience pain and pleasure at the same time. Man you gotta love the crazy bitches!

Now my boy Drake said it best, “I like my girls BBW’. And if you are a supporter of Drake’s BBW movement, you are inclined to love Deku’s mom more than Bakugo’s. To which I say: fuck you. Deku’s mom is a shell of her former self in mind and body. She let herself go, gaining a few pounds and fainting on the spot whenever she begins to worry about Deku too much. But never fear lonely house wife, Random Guy is here to fuck you while your husband is away and your Deku is out to play. Also, did I mention that the random guy’s quirk is literally enlarging the head of his penis temporarily? So...yeah…

I remember my days in my high school sex-ed class. I always dreamed of it being a class where your smoking-hot female teacher goes around to each of her male students and teaches them the basics of safe sex, all up close and personal-like. (And I guess the girls can fuck a male teacher or something...I don’t care) But, since school is Lame with a capital L, the closest thing we got to sexual hypeness was seeing a woman giving birth to a baby. Well, luckily for you and me, we have doujins to fill our void of mature teacher sexiness. Our lovely heroes Midnight and Mount Lady (I wanted to call them heroines but I didn’t know if that would be sexest or not) are at UA, ready to teach our young male students the right way to pleasure a woman. With each student having their own unique quirks that they used during the sex, it was one interesting read and I learned a lot!

Do you like to hurt yourself? You don’t, me neither. But, what if I told you that there was a place that will give you sexual favors if you come there injured? I bet your right hand just snapped your dick in half at the mention of such a place. Well, too bad! There’s no place in the real world like that, so you broke your dick for no reason. Taking a break from our teachers, we meet up with the cute female students of UA: Uraraka, Momo, and Tsuyu (best girl). They are assigned to help out at “Pure Academia” which is anything but. Heroes come here when their injuries to receive some quick healing. A little pep in their step if you would. Every girl gets their respective screen  time and utilize their quirks to enchant the scenes, such as Momo making her mouth into the shape of a pussy and Tsuyu giving us that good froggy blowjob action. Oh, there’s also a Mount Lady nipple fuck scene at the very end if you’re into that kinda thing. (Eh, there’s no kink shaming here on…Unless you like those skinny bitches.)

Do you like your girls BBW? Are you hype for season 3 of My Hero Academia? Who do you think is best girl? Tell us in the comments below and remember, PLUS ULTRA!