Riding Dirty with Shady Lewd Kart
By ImJustThatKinky • 8 months ago • 3 comments

The people at Shady Corner are doing it again. They’re lewding up some of our favorite types of video games. First with making a lewd version of WarioWare and now comes the lewd version of Mario Kart appropriately named Shady Lewd Kart. Here some little detail:

Shady Lewd Kart takes go karting party games and mashes it with a dating sim to give you fast power sliding gameplay, sexy powerups and lewd unlocks. The first ever Ecchi Kart game!

It’s rare to see any lewd game use 3D models that aren’t Poser or Honey Select, so Shade’s Shady Lewd Kart is a breath of fresh air. The game is still in the stages of development but seeing something like this being created just shows how much creativity and familiarity Shades is trying to bring to the lewd game community. If you want to be apart of the ride, check out the Shady Corner’s PATREON.

Would you play a lewd Mario Kart? What do you think of all the 3D Ren'Py games out there? Is there any characters from lewd games you'll like to see as a playable character? Tell us in the comment.