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Atelier Ryza's Jiggle Physics
By Kasaix • 4 months ago • 4 comments

Atelier Ryza launched in Japan a week or two ago, and is due out in the US by the end of this month. First impressions of the game over in the East have been wildly positive. I think we can determine one of the factors that gave it such wide praise.

Yep, best game of 2019 here has jiggle physics on top heavy girls. The best place of culture, Japan, was quick to pick up on this. NicoVideo is a Japanese video site, and the video that broke the news opened the floodgates of Atelier Ryza videos on that site. That video can be seen HERE. It received the top score for the site at the time. Be sure to check out the related videos there too. 

I didn't have much interest in the game, and I'm still rather concerned all of this is going to get censored for the US release, but it's definitely on my radar now.