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Toji vs RABBITS?!
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 weeks ago

Nah, Jujutsu Kaisen just can’t stop killing all the animators working at MAPPA studios. Every week Jujutsu Kaisen just keeps showing everyone why it’s the GOAT of shonen anime right now. Demon Slayer is only good because of its animation, while the story is pretty mid and just a generic shonen. And I’ve heard that My Hero Academia has been falling off. And Black Cover and Boruto

I feel the same way.

So we need the Jujutsu daddy to keep everything in balance, and they sure did that with its recent fight between father and son. Toji and Megumi and…RABBITS!!!

MAPPA gave us Yuji vs Choso, and I thought the hypeness was going to stop there until we approached the final episodes. But nope, they decided to put all their budget into rabbit fights.

Rabbit coming in with the pipe.

I checked back with the manga to see how the mangaka handled this fight, which they didn't!!! The rabbit fight and many other scenes that were showcased in this fight were anime original. The fight between Megumi and Toji was more so a chase sequence in the manga. MAPPA added a lot to this scene and fight, and I appreciate them for that.

This gets me hype for the future fights we can expect from the Shibuya arc, but also worries me. If they blew all their load on the rabbit beatdown, what if the final fights are underwhelming by comparison? I have faith that they’ve already figured that out, and we’re in for a real treat when we get to the final. Oh, and did I forget about the epic Sukuna vs Jogo fight. EVERYTHING IS JUST AMAZING!!!

What did you think of the Toji vs Megumi fight? Was the rabbit fight hype? Do you think they can keep this level of animation for all of Jujutsu Kaisen? Tell us in the comments.