Are Pirates Really That Bad?
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago • 26 comments

This article is for all you pieces of shits who think it’s okay to pirate movies, games, and other things you need to pay for. You know what you’re doing is wrong right? So, why are you being a cheap asshole and not paying for it? Do you think you’re doing a good thing? Well, you’re not. But that doesn’t mean that pirating is always so bad.

Now I don’t support pirating, but I’m not saying not to do it. We all pirate one way or another, maybe without even knowing it. When you go on PornHub and watch a video, you could be pirating and not even know it, because that video you’re watching isn’t supposed to be there. But the thing about people pirating content and posting them on other sites is that you can say that it’s wrong, but you could also say it’s free exposure.

There are some many amateur pornstars videos that I’ve bought because I was able to view one of their videos for free on a pirated site. Same goes for games. It’s a lot of NSFW games that get transferred to pirating sites. If I play the game on the pirated site and enjoy the game, I go to their Patreon to support it. But if I couldn’t pirate the game in the first place, I would have never consider donating to them.  

I'm looking at you Snow Daze

Even with that being said, I’m not telling you all to go out there and start pirating, or that pirating is a good thing. I’m just trying to point out how something like pirating, that is seen as a bad thing, can have some actually good effects.

Have you’ve ever pirated something? Do you think everyone pirated once in their life? Are lady pirates hot? Tell us in the comments below.