What if Your Girlfriend Became Overweight?
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago • 27 comments

Finding love is hard when you’re a shallow piece of shit like me. I only care about the girls tits and ass. Fuck that personality shit! If they have a huge rack with a huge back, then she’s a winner for me. That’s girlfriend material right there.

Now Anko got that body.

But what happens when that girlfriend of yours gain a couple of pounds in the front instead of in the back. And I’m not talking about in her tits either.

I’m talking about in the stomach.

Now Anko might wasn’t the best example since she just looks a little thicc to me, but everyone has their own definition of what they consider fat. But I guess for me, it all depends on why the person suddenly gained weight. Was it something she couldn’t control? Did she just start eating unhealthy? Was it depression? Many of these factors could play into me staying or not. And let me be honest, I made the joke that personality doesn’t matter. But if a girl has a rocking personality, it could easily make her cuter in my eyes. But that still doesn’t mean it can fully blind you from the appearance of the person.

Look, this isn’t me trying to fat shame, I’m asking a serious question. If you've been in a relationship for a long time, it’s kind of shitty to say, “You’re fat now, so I’m leaving.” That sounds like some shit from a sit-com. So my answer is simple, it depends. If she’s not crazy overweight and the reason is because of something she can’t control, then I’ll just stay with her. If it’s because of depression, then I’d help her through it. But if it’s just because she’s eating way too much, then it depends on how good her personality is :P.

But if you get to this level of overweight, then I don’t care how great your personality is, I’m done with you. We can still “stay together”, but don’t think I won’t be fucking girls behind your back.

Would you dump your girlfriend if she became fat? Have you ever randomly gained weight? Is it shitty to break up with someone because they became fat? Tell us in the comments below.