Are You Lost? - Cute, Sexy Survival
By Kasaix • 3 months ago • 2 comments

This anime series popped up on my radar recently, and seeing the premise, I tuned out. I've been fooled before: cute girls can turn psycho quickly, and given the themes of island survival, I was quickly expecting a Lord of the Flies scenario. To my delight, that's not the case here! It's as cute as it looks! Also, the girls here aren't exactly attached to their clothing, so that's nice too. Take a look at the PV below.

Sounan Desu ka?, or Are You Lost?, is based on a manga series. It follows the story of four school girls who get stranded on an island. Fortunately, one of those girls has actual survival skills, and she teaches her friends these skills. However, team work is important here. It's a nice story, and two episodes in, I've been drawn in enough to check out the manga. It's a light-hearted story cute girls doing cute things in a survival situation. Plenty of lewd shots to go around. Best yet, no Lord of the Flies situation to be seen.