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Will They Grow? Model's Breasts Rubbed 10,000 Times
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 15 comments

It's a common trope seen around quite a bit, girls can increase their bust size with continuous rubbing. That can't actually happen, can it? Well, in the name of science, an experiment was held. For a good amount of New Year's cheer, TV Tokyo teamed with model and race queen Nana Yasuda to test the trope out. 

Over a period of twelve days, Nana rubbed her breasts 10,000 times. A “breast development counsellor” was hired to ensure that the rubbing was done properly: the underside of the breasts was firmly cupped at the beginning of each “rub”, and the breasts were then rotated using the palms. Yes, it had to be done the proper way. 

Well, at the end of this, what I'm now calling one of my favorite science experiments of all time, Nana's bust did actually increase. Before the 10,000 rubs, Yasuda’s bust size was 81cm, with a 73.5cm under-bust and a cup size of D. After the 12 days of oppai-rubbing, her bust size was 82cm, her under-bust 68.5cm and her cup size was F. While some will no doubt claim, perhaps rightfully so, that other variables could have been at work, the results will surely convince many fans of girls with larger chests that breast-rubbing is now a scientifically-proven method of promoting growth.

Do you think this method actually works? Will you be testing it out on some lucky girl? Sound off in the comments below! No seriously, if you test it out, let us know. Provide pics. For science, of course.