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Meeting The Parents
By WakeUpSnooze • 1 month ago

A few weeks ago on The Dangers in My Heart, our MC headed over to his love interest’s house to help her and some friends do a little cooking. In anime it’s common for the main characters to either have wacky parents that take up some screen time, or the most absent parents known to man who only come around the house once per month. This case displayed the former. If I recall correctly we’ve already encountered or at least seen Yamada’s mom in season one, but introducing her dad was an entirely new experience. My man straight up looks like Toji from Jujutsu Kaisen got reincarnated a second time and settled down with a family. He scares the shit out of our MC (rightfully so) but we soon learn that he’s a reserved dad who loves to play games after work. Nothing but a chill guy.

I’ve never had to meet the parents of anyone I’m dating yet (that would require dating in the first place), but when that day comes I can only pray it goes as smoothly as our boy’s meeting in this episode. I’m not asking for the dad to be a heavy gamer and the mom an anime fanatic so that we can relate for hours with endless conversation. I merely hope we get along well enough to not have any arguments or long awkward pauses. It’s bad enough knowing that in their minds, my first impression is sort of locked into being contextualized as the latest guy plowing their daughter. The sooner we can find a common interest or viewpoint to talk about the better in my mind. On the flipside I don’t worry much about a girl meeting my parents. My mom is a pretty socially capable person who can vibe with just about anyone. My dad is a loveable weirdo as long as we can keep political conversations off the table. And hey everyone knows that’s like rule number one at the family dinner with a new partner… right?

I have a few guesses, none of them good.

Ultimately it’s a good thing I’m not in this show, or I might have my feelings compromised by Yamada’s hot ass mom. Damn I suppose that’s another reason to fear meeting the parents. Have you had to meet your partner’s parents in the past? Do you have any strong memories about the situation, positive or negative? Do you dread introducing your parents or look forward to it? Meet someone new, get serious, and plan that fateful introduction in the comments below!