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XL Joshi is an Adult Romance Anime With Big Dick Energy
By Yung Namahage • 7 months ago • 5 comments

Outside of sex scenes, cocks are rarely a massive part of anime (no pun intended). I mean, I can hardly think of one where penises are a prominent plot point, not counting hentai, and you can probably blame Japan's strict censorship laws for that. But then I came across (again, no pun intended) XL Joshi and couldn't help feel my intrigue rising (that one was kinda intended).

Based on the manga Jоshi no Asoko wa XL Size!? Futoi Sakippo... Haitteru...! by Ito Kani, XL Joshi tells the story of Saki Watase, a down-on-her-luck office worker who gets a side job as a product tester, where she recieves an XL size condom. She then discovers her boss Keisuke Sudo, who's a bit of a prick, happens to be the right size for testing said condom and... you can probably see where this is going.

The show will have two different versions: a tamer version for TV broadcasts and a complete version with the lewder stuff intact for streaming on the ComicFesta website, both of which will feature different voice casts. Mitsuka Noshitani (Naruto) will be directing and Kazuhiro Toda (Sweet Punishment) is writing the scripts.

If this prospect excites you then check the official Japanese website here for more details. Will you be checking it out? Do you think there should be more focus on dicks in anime? Should this blog feature more dick jokes? Let us know as usual!