Detective Pikachu Has Been Blacked?
By ImJustThatKinky • 6 months ago • 29 comments

Am I an asshole for not caring about the “blackening” of Tim Goodman...maybe? But I’m here to explain my reasoning for why I don’t care about it instead of just saying I don’t care and leaving it like that. You a real asshole.

The trailer has dropped for Detective Pikachu, and the thing that’s scarier than a CG Pikachu, is a black Tim Goodman!

OMG the horror! I wanted Tim Goodman, not Tim Blackman!

Now in the original game, Detective Pikachu, you play a white kid by the name of Tim Goodman, which is obviously a huge difference from the black Tim Goodman we get in the movie. So why doesn’t this change affect me? Well, it’s not because I’m black and think we need more black representation, no. It’s based on the fact that to me, Tim Goodman is not a character.

A fucking character built to last.

To me, Tim Goodman is just a character template. He has no character. No one cares about Tim Goodman, he’s not iconic, he’s a nobody, just a throw away character made for the sack of the game. If it was Ash who was getting a race change that’d be different, cause he’s a iconic character unlike TIm Goodman. Hell, Joker from Persona 5 is more iconic than Tim Goodman and he doesn’t even talk.

He even get more girls than Tim Goodman. What else must I say?

Now this could all be because I’ve never play the game, so I have no attachment to Tim Goodman like other people might, but that’s just how a feel about my video game boy Tim Goodman as of right now.

Do you hate the changing of Tim Goodman? Do you care about Tim Goodman as a character? How does Joker gain so much swag? Tell us in the comments below.