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Tohru Adachi: The Incel We Love
By WakeUpSnooze • 4 months ago • 12 comments

What’s up, bitches? Today I’m here to discuss this man and similar characters. If you don’t know, Tohru Adachi is an important character in Persona 4 so if you’re still planning to go back and play that shit, leave now. For all of you whores who know Adachi or don’t care about revisiting that game, let’s get started.

So here’s my thing. Adachi is the most piece of shit, self-serving, egocentric, hypocritical bastard in the entire Persona franchise. He doesn’t have a helpful bone in his body, only becoming a detective in order to abuse the power and weaponry that comes with the position. As the main antagonist of Persona 4, you learn that Adachi spent his time over the course of the game murdering innocents and misleading your party just to give him some damn “entertainment” in the so-called boring small town setting of the game. To top it all off Adachi is an extreme misogynist, not hesitating to kill women moments after they reject his advances for being dumb sluts who don’t understand how good of a guy he is. But like…

Now that's a face I don't want to see in bed.

This here is my mothafucking boi! Easily the personal favorite villain of the series. And I’m not alone. Recently Adachi was announced to be in Blazblue Cross Tag, and although he was announced alongside four other characters, not one of them set the internet ablaze like he did. Clearly this character has a strong following. But my question is… why exactly do we like this fucker?

Uh with context his intro-quote makes more sense, he's not a pedo.

Liking a “villain” isn’t the craziest thing in the world. There are plenty of situations where the antagonist becomes a beloved character, like Thanos. But when the villains have clear goals and prospective visions for humanity (i.e. right goals, wrong methods) it’s easy to understand why we like them. Light Yagami became an egocentric douchebag in Death Note, but some people still consider him a positive entity as the series did show that his murders were making the world a safer place in the story. Then on the other hand you have Adachi, some dude who hates the world and just wants to fuck bitches and watch people die so he’s not bored. What draws the audience to liking him?

Personally, it comes down to the “extra layer” of his character for me. When you confront Adachi in the game, he gives a long monologue about the state of the world. He claims that unless you’re born with some special talents or unique circumstance, you’re probably just going to work a pointless job over and over again until you die. He sees nothing interesting about living a normal modern lifestyle, and thus engages in criminal activities using the Persona powers he receives to keep himself entertained. While this argument obviously has some holes, it does highlight some frustrations that people feel in the world and the kind of thinking that can lead people to forgo being a normal member of society. At the same time though, uh, this guy’s a serial murderer creep.

Do you like a character who's just a complete piece of shit? Why do you like them? Don’t be a bitch, and tell me in the comments below!