Enjoy Fow Chan in Subverse
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago • 5 comments

Well, I’ve donated my 10 euros to Subverse, and you should to, if you like seeing porn game developers be successful. But in all fairness, they don’t really need any more money. The game is funded and went way over their initial stretch goal. When I saw that they’ve reached the goal for full voice acting, I just had to donate. Here’s hoping they don’t waste it or I’d demand a refund. But since they’ve reached their goal, what’s the point in donating now? Well, if you want the chance to finally have fun with Studio Fow’s mascot Fow Chan, then you better cough up some dough.

That's right, if we hit £550K then yours truly will become the 10th waifu of Subverse. You can find me in a super secret endgame location (totally not Earth) and I'll terrorize the Prodigium galaxy alongside you! I'm not just any old waifu tho, I'll have my normal cute form as well a more fitting demonic form. And of course, you'll get a bunch of lewd scenes if you earn my loyalty.

We are SO FREAKIN EXCITED! Fow-Chan in UE4 has been a dream for a long time.

My Fowlings...you are all so incredible to help us get so far on funding. We have so many cool things we want to do in Subverse - and you are all making them possible.

Whether you can pledge a dollar - ten dollars, or a thousand - you are all important and incredible.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Fow Chan in the game, but I already got my voices, so if they don’t reach that stretch goal I wouldn’t be mad. I wonder how many people are going to donate even more just to see Fow Chan in the game. How popular is she?

Update! I guess she’s pretty popular since she’s now in the game. Here’s a concept art of her.

If you still haven’t you can donate to Subverse by visiting their KickStarter.

Have you donated to Subverse? Are you excited to see Fow Chan in Subverse? How hype are you for this game? Tell us in the comments below.