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Pekora's Mama Is HOT!!!
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 weeks ago

I’m not sure how many of you are into Hololive and the VTubers who are a part of it. Well, if you’re a MILF lover like me, then I might have found a reason for you to start checking it out. VTuber Pekora just introduced her mom to all her fans, and the results might shock you.

Pekomama was an instant hit with the fans, and lewd artist, but more on that later. This was an April Fool's stream for all of Pekora’s fans. Which is making some people think this is fake. As in, Pekora got one of her friends, or hired someone to play her mother. While other people believe it's Pekora’s real mom. It’s crazy, since she went as far as getting her mom a model. Other VTubers have had their mom’s on stream with them, but usually in PNG form, not a full model. Everyone's favorite Mori Calliope did it.

One proof that people are picking up, to claim that this is the real Pekora’s mother, is that her mother was supposedly already on stream with her before. Just as a PNG. So the April Fool’s stream wasn’t the first sighting of Pekora’s mom.

But since I’m not deep into the Pekora lore, or even the Hololive community, I’m not sure if this is just one big huge April Fools prank, or is this actually Pekora’s mother. But, I know that the lewds of Pekomama are real.

When is Pekomama going to start using this model?

When lewds are created, I always wonder will the person find out, or did the person expect this to happen. I feel like Pekora has been on the internet for awhile, so she had to know that lewds of her mothers VTube model would be created. But I’m not sure if Pekomama was expecting to see her “nudes” get leaked to the internet. Hell, she might not even be aware of the Pekora doujins that are on this site. Her daughter has been seen naked by plenty of people at this point.

Pekomama doujins when?

Do you think Pekomama is hot? Do you think that’s Pekora’s real mom? Would you like to see a Pekomama doujin? Tell us in the comments.