Akabur Game Mating Season is Now Public
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 4 comments

Akabur, the man behind the amazing game Witch Trainer has just release his latest game and it’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles visual novel.



Mating Season is a TMNT visual novel and It’s a quickie, but a good one. Instead of the trainer set up that we had with Witch Trainer, Akabur went for a more simpler visual novel approach with reading through texts and the occasional choices. This isn’t a bad thing, the art and dialogue is on point as for usual with his stuff, so just because it isn’t the same as Witch Trainer doesn’t mean it’s bad. You get to follow all four turtles and Master Splinter as they take turns raping April O’ Neil. Everyone gets a piece of that ass...well actually, only Master Splinter gets an actual piece of that ass but I digress. Oh also, there’s no Casey, so he got cucked. There’s 6 scene to unlock and enjoy. The game uses an old school videotape filter which adds to the game nicely. Mating Season is still that good ol Akabur you know and love, and it was a cowabunga of a time.

 Master Splinter is an ass man such as myself.

You can download the game HERE!


Is April O'Neil one of the hottest cartoon characters? Are you hoping Akabur makes another trainer game? Do you like pizza dude? Tell us in the comments below.