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An Interview with Kinkymation: Balancing Cute and Sexy in Art
By Kasaix • 1 year ago • 2 comments


Kasaix: Hello people of Doujins! Another talented artist I’ve been following for a while took the time to hang out with me for an interview. Kinkymation, who has a sexy and unique style all her own that caught my attention almost immediately, and I click the notification link as fast as I can with each upload to Hentai Foundry.

Thanks for hanging out, Kinkymation. How are you doing today?

Kinkymation: Thanks so much for the invite, I'm doing just fine!

Kasaix: That's great to hear!
So tell me, how did you get interested in art? Was it a cartoon or comic that set off your creativity?

Kinkymation: I’ve actually been drawing for most of my life, I got a lot of my inspiration from anime when I was younger, and pretty much every cartoon I could get my hands on, but I actually found comics to be something I’d always wanted to learn to make for myself. But what drove me to keep drawing and improving was the reaction that other people had to my small silly projects, I remember telling stories to my school Friends and making the stories that we would all play out. I liked to create stuff people would enjoy!

Kasaix: That's nice. You draw because it's fun and you like to entertain people. Turning a profit at the same time is a nice bonus, too.
Do you have formal training, or have you doodled your way to mastery?

Kinkymation: Hehehe I’m no master, I’m still working and trying to improve a bit each day! I’ve had traditional painting classes and a few figure drawing classes too! I also learned a lot from books,  they might not be lessons themselves, but books will take you a long way. The most important thing though? it’s all in the repetition, so doodling constantly will get you there, after all there’s no such thing as a single path to learn to draw.

Kasaix: That's wisdom from an artist, all right. We never stop learning and improving if we try hard enough.
What are your favorite things to draw?



Kinkymation: Well that’ll have to be girls, I love girls as you can probably tell from my posts. I focus a lot on characters and enjoy portraying emotion and passion in my expressions and work overall. That is part of why I ended up drawing NSFW, there’s a lot of that stuff that can be portrayed in sexual encounters. I like portraying those emotions most of all, because I feel that’s the most sensual thing artwork can share.

Kasaix: Yes! The best artwork conveys emotions as well as nice figures. Sure a girl can look hot lounging naked on a sofa, but if feelings and emotions aren't conveyed well, it's good, but not great.
Beyond one-shot images, you're also working on a comic too called 'World End'. It has actual plot in it, something few NSFW comics have. Could you tell us a bit about it?


Kinkymation: Yeah! I actually like to do a lot of stuff besides one shots, I do small animations, short doujinshis, and I’m currently working towards making NSFW games too!

World End is in fact a commissioned comic! I’m not the writer or author of that one, but I really enjoy working with this particular client and of course I like the story and characters too! Personally it has been a blast working on that story, there’s lots of places and situations i don’t normally get to draw so it’s great practice!

As for the story itself, I’m not the one you should be asking but my client is! (I don’t know if I can share names or links for this one but I can ask if you’d like)

[] it's the authors email, if you wanna share ithe's fine with it )

Kasaix: Given its length, up to 23 pages, I assumed it was all you. You have more of a portfolio than I knew of. That's really impressive!
Who or what is your favorite subject to draw?

Kinkymation: There’s actually 49 pages that are already completed! I try to do as much stuff as I can honestly I love to experiment and work with different formats, see what comes out. haha, sex is one of my favourite things to draw, but I also enjoy cute stuff in general! I draw stuff from games, anime, etc that I enjoy. And while I’ve yet to post most of my original content I really do want to share it, and do more original stuff eventually. It makes me quite happy to see people asking about my OCs and stuff I have planned for the future because there is a loooot of it coming.

Kasaix: Wow that's impressive. As for 'sex' and 'cute', you've found a great way to balance both. Your Lucoa picture, and your Pit x Palutena series show both cute and sexy at once. It's a style I've definitely come to appreciate and enjoy. Did you set out to strike a balance, or did it happen naturally?

Kinkymation: Well, I was told by a very close friend that my art style has always had an odd sensuality to it. That comment always stuck with me, because I never really intended for my art to come across that way since I came from a fairly conservative family, and yet when I looked back, he was right! So I decided I’d give nsfw art a try, and I found that my art style was extremely adaptable when it came to capturing a balance between the endearing and the sexual. I’ve strived to refine that in my work ever since!

Kasaix: You've done incredibly well in that area thus far. It's a unique style that definitely stands out.
Out of all of your work, which do you consider your best or your favorite? Something you could proudly show off as a measure of your talent?

Kinkymation: My favourite as of today is this slime piece, I have a soft spot for monster girls and slime is tricky to work with so when it came out like I was expected I was very happy about it , so I suppose that’s why this one’s in my favourite, but I do have a lot of stuff I really enjoy so it’s a hard pick!

As for project I released my first comic (kinkyfique 001) the issue was a scene with Futaba and Akira for persona 5, I’m also really proud of that one, and the comic issues that are to come too!

Kasaix: Ah, slime girls are fun. Lots of potential with slime girls. From being compact for easy travel to shapeshifting.
How do you first approach a project? What are your thought process as you go into it?

Kinkymation: Well, it really depends on the project, when it comes to comics I first approach scripting, and then move to illustrating it once I’m happy with the writing. When it comes to commissions I like to talk everything over with my clients before getting started, I believe that communication is super important to a successful project.

Kasaix: Where do you get ideas for your own personal projects?


Kinkymation: I spend a lot of time watching and drawing things, and every so often a scenario that I would like to draw pops into my head! This happens a lot with my fan comics, I see a couple of characters I like and start plotting in my head until I can write it all down! I also use so many references for stuff, it’s pretty crucial for me to have them and look out for interesting things from other artists to draw inspiration from.

Kasaix: Ah interesting. Inspiration can come out of nowhere.
What is a dream project of yours? Something you feel you must absolutely work on?

Kinkymation: Games, I want make NSFW videogames, combine my work with something interactive. Gaming has been very influential in my life and i believe gaming’s greatest moments come from player choice and freedom.I wanna apply that level of choice to my own creations

I’ve been using every chance and free time I get to work on my game project and hopefully in a few months time I’ll have something to show!

Kasaix: As a game designer myself, I know that's definitely an uphill effort, and I wish you absolute luck. Let me know how it turns out, I'd love to review it for

Kinkymation: Thank you! I hope it turns out well too! And when the time comes I would love for you to review it!

Kasaix: My pleasure ^_^
Let's wrap this up, shall we? Any words to all your fans?

Kinkymation: I honestly want to just send them a GIANT thank you for all the support! I really would not be able to do this for a living without them, so they all mean the world to me and I hope I can always provide great content for them.

Another huge thanks to Kinkymation for hanging out for this insightful and fun interview. If you’d like to continue following her work, links are provided below.



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