An Interview with Ivan Aedler, Creator of Peach's Untold Tale
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Kasaix: Hello, friends and foes of Doujins! We’re here with another interview, this time with the one and only Ivan Aedler, the developer behind the hentai game Peach’s Untold Tale, which can be found HERE and HERE. It’s a game where players take on the role of Princess Peach. Bowser is invading, the citizens of Mushroom Kingdom are under Kamek’s spell to be super aroused, and Mario is missing. What’s a princess to do? Stomp some enemies, or start putting out, to save her kingdom. Peach can wear any number of outfits, some of which give her special skills, and many of which make her look more nude than anything. Clothes can be torn too, making it all the more better. I recommend this game to everyone.

More on this later, let’s meet the man responsible for one of the great Mario hentai games, Ivan Aedler himself! How are you doing, Ivan?

Ivan Aedler: Thank you!

Hello there!  I am fine, thank you! I was just playing yet another Mario game (Super Mario World).

Kasaix: Haha, figures you'd be way into Super Mario. What first got you into this series?

Ivan Aedler: My first Mario game was Super Mario Bros 1 from NES. I used to play it at almost any friend house in the weekends. But you know, it was the 'era of pitfalls' (literally). I forgot the times I died in levels like 5-3. Then phew, I finally saved the Princess Toadstool (just to start all over again).

Kasaix: Classic game. I had the Super Mario/Duck Hunt cartridge.

Did your love of gaming making you want to learn how to make games?

Ivan Aedler: It surely is! After playing almost all of Mario franchise when I was entering in my 30's, I decided to try creating small demos featuring Konami games (like a remake of Magical Tree) and some Adobe Flash demos, thanks to a certain background in coding, as I've got a degree in Computer Science and some experience in java-like languages. I have a job currently, but I don't like it so much. Aside of creating apps, maintaining huge systems and analysing databases in a common-guy 'home-office-home' schedule, I wanted to give a hand into gaming, by trying to open the world of childhood, since NES era. I am straight, but I am usually single, perhaps due to the fact I am introvert and 'a bit nerd',  a combination that might make you easily 'bombarded' by hentai games nowadays ^_^ so I've found swfchan, which has a ton of hentai flash games and demos, and I've also got interest in rated games.

Kasaix: I relate to that so much. Like, all of that. Except the coding part, I need to study that more.

Where did you get the inspiration for Peach's Untold Tale?

                                                                                          (early concept work)

Ivan Aedler: The inspiration came from a demo by an user with name Playshapes in 2011, an user from LOK (Legend of Krystal) forums. From swfchan, I've found LOK site, then I created a free account. Playshapes was a Flash AS2 coder, and he called his demo 'Mario is Missing', a Mario parody game  (the name is from an old NES game where Mario is a detective). He also made Bowser Castle and other demos. 'MIM' featured just 3 level parts (Her castle, the mushroom land and Morton fortress). But, oh man! It was enough to spark me a huge interest to continue making the game. The simple fact a ditzy princess started the level entirely naked, then dressing herself with her pink dress (without panties), then opening her dungeon-like door in order to get 'good morning' from the Chancellor (from Super Mario RPG), which was indeed a blowjob, making the toads surprised, and then seeing this blonde bimbo into lewd scenes with goombas later on (while the nostalgic Super Mario RPG song played on) got me attention. "wow, this game is just very cute!" I played it like 20 times in a row, trying to find secret areas,scenes and outfits.

Playshapes didn’t have the sources anymore.  And it was very hard to find him active on LOK.

I was almost giving up when Blargh, a flash developer and animator in LOK site that got an older source, added features like dozens of outfits and more scenes (with koopa troopas). I offered myself to help with his 'Mario is Missing: DO version' , like adding more enf (embarrassed nude female) features. As Blargh noticed I was coding much more than just add-ons, I decided to fork his version, starting PUT game from there, in april 2012.

Kasaix: Wow, that's incredible. The untold origins of PUT. I'm really glad this caught your attention. It seems like there were a couple of version of MIM, including one where the Goombas were these tall demon things, and Peach had a hooker outfit.

Ivan Aedler: Haha, I remember that version! Clara made it (claramenningtom) from LOK forums. She improved the engine with a better camera. But I didn’t like it because the creatures were too 'human'.  It also featured just one level (if I recall). Once again, I was there, trying to find more and more secrets, lol.

Playshapes also made a 'Mario is Missing 2' game, in Bowser Castle area. Peach was even better (with shadows and highlights) but the engine was very heavy. It has many scenes, like when she touched the Luma creatures.

Kasaix: Yeah, far too demonic. The hooker outfit, which wasn't a favorite of mine since it looked trashy, was still interesting. Peach got coins when she had sex, an interesting feature.

Your game blows them all away though. So many worlds, endings, a journal with CG scenes. Speaking of, do you handle the art, or is there a team beyond you working on PUT?

Ivan Aedler: Yes, it was surely interesting. I wanted to make that outfit in PUT, but the original idea was to have only 'Mario universe' outfits in PUT. But well, I ended up adding much more with the help of Blargh.
As for coins, I've found it a bit 'too cheap' (people could just redo the scene many times to get rich) ^_^ . In PUT game, there are plenty of coins and coinboxes already.

PUT game got that far, thanks for my insatiable wish for more (the more the better, right?). Also, the fact I was playing Mario games during development, like Paper Mario 2, Super Mario RPG and others. People in LOK were giving me tons of ideas in the discussions, in a way it reached 822 pages (20 posts each) with 5,210,937 views. The game changelog has currently 5290 lines.

As for the team, it changed over time... It was just me and Blargh (we did just everything from coding, level design, enemies, game code, and new objects), then it got new members like Luftmallow, Soloid (which designed the new Peach Castle), Biles, OwnerOfSuccuby, Soda, Toyloli, Yuri and MPLDAM. There was even a girl who voiced some phrases: Mika, Toyloli, and a professional voicer (Buckland). She voiced Peach in other events in the US. She cancelled the idea.  There were others that helped here and there. I just can't remember everyone :/ Some were part-time members, some were 'ethernal', that is, they were helping me practically everyday. Then, TheDirtyMonkey came in, helping me with new art (like the big gorgeous Peach from the pause menu and the game over screen). Some were free, some were commissioned. Then TripFlip came over with an entirely new world of cute art. He made Peachy character for PUT, all the achievement CGs and other CGs in the game.

Kasaix: From April 2012 to today, with all those people, I'm just damn impressed. Applause all around. You people reading this interview, play this game when we're finished here. Play all of it.

Given where Peach's Untold Tale is today, are you proud of where it is? Do you have any regrets, or things you wanted to do in the game that you couldn't?

Ivan Aedler: Thank you! I am really grateful!  I can just say things can be done, pace by pace. If you really love your project, it can be done.
Yes, I am. From all the challenges of Flash engine, one that I should mention was the conversion from AS2 to AS3, that was a success, in february 2016. It made the game with much more features, many third party libraries in AS3, and the game is now faster (but I know, Flash still eats up a lot of CPU due to the vector images). Also, I mention the i18n (so we have custom language XMLs).

I have some regrets, though. First is that Flash is a dying engine that just uses one CPU thread. I know, people can surely still use it in other machine sets (just like people do by sticking with Windows 95 for example), but you know, it make us 'feel old'. As I haven't explored all Flash features yet (like adding a custom outfit file, and using ‘bit blitting’ to optimize speed), there are some juices left. That's why I want to make my second Flash game, just like PUT.

Second is regarding Flash IDE being limited in development. Due to how it was made (you load all the library of assets in a given IDE), you will handle it better if alone. You are the guy who edits and puts everything in the IDE, then you generate the final result. You can surely work with others, but people will end up doing in another Flash IDE, then saving the source file and giving it to me to load it and transfer for the main source file. The exception is when there is only code (a text file). That could be in a repository like GITHUB without haszle. But the 'FLA file' also has some code that must be changed, once a given function/method is changed in the source file.

Third is regarding a lack of unit testing, so the game is more prone to bugs. There are some approaches like using Flexunit, but it threw many exceptions and it made my once pleasurable game coding a nightmare (I was 90% dealing with errors, 9% coding and 1% enjoying the result). So I dropped the idea. I tell people in LOK  the game might have new bugs in each update (some are innofensive), yet to be fixed. I ask people to try to reproduce it first, then tell me the steps. I then follow a list of procedures in order to tackle it down.

Kasaix: This is definitely a labor of love. Before I get virtually shanked by the masses, will there be Bowsette/Boosette/any of the Super Crown made characters as either outfits for Peach, or separate characters, in PUT?

Ivan Aedler: Yes, there is already, since  3.48! You can dress any playable character with it! But I want to add the ability for the playable princess  to talk to Bowser (perhaps in her prison) during her adventures in the forest (so she won’t be jailed like when there is a gameover), then we could make him eat the Super Crown in order to get a princess x princess scene  /o\. For now, Bowsette can be worn up just like a new outfit, with a few abilities.

Kasaix: Right on the ball with that incredible meme! With that out of the way, how long do you see yourself working on PUT, and what further plans do you have for this game?

Ivan Aedler: I have a duty to complete the world 8 levels (there is still a couple), as well as two new playable characters (Mona and Pauline), some scenes with hard-to-find creatures (Geno needs some!) and the remaining features like erhm , futa princess and two different ass sizes (they will 'grow' just like boobs). Once I 'close' the game as the final release version, I will surely be making small updates, like adding a new outfit and optimizing the game more, but I really need to focus in the new game.

Kasaix: That sounds awesome. I can't wait to see that.

What are your plans when you're done with PUT? Another game, maybe an indie game you can put on a marketplace?

Ivan Aedler: I have a plan to make an unique game (not a parody), although with some similarities here and there with other ENF games like Wonderful Pink.  It won’t be a paid game , as people are usually using a patron-like sites like Patreon, so people can be patrons and then they can pay a small tip for WIPs (work  in progress) art, scenes, playable game areas and 'hot' version updates (before it gets mainstream), while the others can just download and play the game directly, as they don’t bother by waiting and receiving add ins. I hope this new game won’t be so lengthy as PUT (in development time of course ^_^ )

Kasaix: To quote the old man who plays chess and fixes toys: "You can't rush art!" I can't wait to see that game. PUT is already a beauty, so that one is definitely something to look forward to.

Looking to the future, what is a dream project you want to work on and ship out? Is it PUT or this game you're planning now?

Ivan Aedler: I hope so Here is a sketch of a possible character. She will have more natural bodyparts. TripFlip made it.

Kasaix: Nice! This looks great.

Any story hints, or a name?

Ivan Aedler: Yes. Wonderful Sonja will be the name of the next game. The playable character is called Sonja. The story (short version) is:
"There were a peaceful time in Japan, until creatures from another dimension have opened a main portal connecting their universe with Earth and are invading! Barbarians and Succubi have been able to debilitate the heroes with overwhelming lust and sexual powers, taking them as prisoners in their own base in Akita.

Trainers and scientists in Aegis home base are training and empowering their recruits to get more powers by using pods which transfer energy from monsters.  Sonja, their newest recruit, an embarrassed young chubby female, ends up entering the pod while a succubus got in the base, fucking everyone in the way, making them unconscious. A scientist just got time to lock the succubus in the pod, but he activated the machine, making Sonja earn succubi powers from a General, giving hope to defeat the invaders and saving Earth. However... she is now more prone to lewd urges and corruption that could flourish exhibitionist fetishes. She will try to remain clothed and pure, covering herself and giving excuses to situations. Now Sonja has to follow orders and explore the world in order for her and the people in the lab have success."

Oh here is the Bowsette outfit in case you want a image:

Kasaix: That sounds like an amazing game, and Bowsette is looking great too.

Let's wrap this for now, and let people play Peach's Untold Tale. Do you have any final thoughts for all your fans?

Ivan Aedler: Yes! I really want to thank everyone that appreciate the game and I apologize for possible bugs still found.
There is a truth: anything is possible when you work on your dreams in order to become  a reality, even if a sketchy, a poor one. This is even more powerful if it's something you wanted since your childhood and it's in a pure state, just like  virginity. If you have fantasies, rituals or fetishes (that don't harm yourself or others), don't give up. Don't be ashamed to fulfill it, and repeat it, as no one can control your uttermost desires. Be it a lewd action, a sport event, a meditation, or else. Once we get refreshed and at peace, we will trigger THE energy, that usually comes after a very tasty meal. Use this energy to work on your projects and challenges. Make it an habit. The energy will recharge endlessly. I can assure you, it's more powerful than coffee. We can't explain it. It just 'comes out'. That's it!

Kasaix: Wise words from a super talented designer. Words to live by.

Thanks for hanging out, Ivan! It was a real pleasure to talk to the man who made a game I spent more than a few hours over a few years playing through. Thanks for all your hard work.

Ivan Aedler: That's great!  Thank you for your time and feedback! God bless you!

Another huge thanks to the great Ivan Aedler. You can check out the sites below for his game Peach’s Untold Tale below.



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