GF Training Game - Use ALL the Lewd Toys
By Kasaix • 3 months ago • 9 comments

That's the actual title of this game: GF Training Game - Use ALL the Lewd Toys. It's self-explanatory: players train their girlfriend, and may implement toys to further along this training. I already like this setup. Take a look at the trailer HERE. Now what does B-bishop, the creators of this game, have to say?

This time we have an adventure game where you train your slutty girlfriend with toys!
28 base CG, Approx. 200 CG total in this lewd toy life game!

* Story
Your girlfriend Chloe has been living with you.
To improve on her lazy ways, you suggest a certain game to her:
You get to train Chloe for a month using a variety of toys.
If you win she will try to better her life, and if not she can continue to leech off of you.
You purchase items from the adult shop owner Shirona to prepare for the challenge!

* System
Use all of the items from Shirona's shop to train Chloe and reach the best ending.

Not all of Shirona's items can be purchased from the start,
and certain requirements must be met to purchase certain items.
The phone events with Shirona also leads to the development of new toys.

Tuesdays and Fridays are your days off.
Choose between "date with Chloe" or "helping out Shirona."

Toys included: vibrators, rope, maid outfit, aphrodisiac, dildos, anal toys, 
gags, enema, futanari medicine, statufication medicine, goth loli outfit, 
and much more!

I like it. Multiple girls, too. 

They need to explain 'statufication medicine' medicine though. I know there's a fetish like that, turning girls into statues and such. Training your girlfriend and potentially having a girl on the side is a great game setup.