A Review of Sassy Squad
By Kasaix • 3 months ago • 2 comments

Nutaku asked us to take a look at Sassy Squad, so here's what we think of it. Overall, it's a great game. It's free too, so if you're a gamer on a budget interested in sexy girls fighting hordes of the undead, it's worth a look. The developers at Bold Endevor did a great job here. Sexy girls killing the undead. What more do you want?

Before we dissect this game, let's see what the devs have to say about it. 

About Sassy Squad DL
The undead have risen! Corpses are loose, maidens on the run!!!
A job for a real man. Summoned by your fiery hot ex to clean up the sloppy mess.
You slip in the role of the world’s greatest – and best hung – Vampire Hunter.
Build your team of luscious, well stacked beauties. Destroy the hordes of evil undead and conquer the hearts of your sexy companions – each
desiring a very special treatment.
Engage on your quest for Ass & Glory with the Sassy Squad!

Key Features
● Beautiful 3D animated Sex Scenes with 20+ Positions
● 30+ Explorable Locations
● 2 story driven campaigns
● 4 super sexy Heroes are waiting on you!
● Defeat 5 powerful Bosses
● Earn Skulls to reap rewards
● Customize your sexy Heroes’ powers
● Equip your heroes with 70 Runes
● Build powerful shrines
● Use Special Powers
● Earn the affection of sassy hotties
● Randomized Daily Challenges
● Deep and engaging core gameplay mechanics
● Randomized daily levels
● Exploration & Choice System
● Visual Novel Style Interactions

If you can't already tell, the story is a great hentai setup. Players take on the role of a hunter and partner up with sexy girls, including your ex, to save the world. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and I need stories to be at least good for me to enjoy the games, even if they are just for hentai.

This game also looks good. The girls are varied in appearance and personality. Amber the redhead, Jizzella the ice-looking one, Guilia the mafia girl, and Esther the punk girl. The animation that makes these girls really sexy is top notch. There are jiggle physics, which is always welcome. The sex scenes players will want to unlock are also fully animated. The girls really move here.

The gameplay is also pretty great, and the battle mechanics are deep. Players can equip their characters with different items to turn the tide of battle to their favor. Getting this part right is important, because some of these battles can be challenging. There are two campaigns to get through, with daily events to handle, so it's important for players to get the basics down to succeed. It's not a brainless "click here and get ready to get busy", real thought is needed. For a hentai game, and a free one at that, that's pretty rare.

All said, I recommend people at least take a look at this game. Also, clearly Amber is my waifu pick of the game.