Will they Cross the Line? ‘The One I Love is My Little Sister’ Airs this Fall
By Kasaix • 8 months ago • 5 comments


The not often seen trope of romantic sibling love sees a new addition in the form of the anime adaptation of the light novel Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja nai , or The One I Love is My Little Sister, But She’s Not a Little Sister. It's also in the running for "really long title of a series" trope. 

There's no PV yet, but we do have a sort of commerical that looks pretty cute. Take a look below.

The light novel series first debuted back in August 2016 with writer Seiji Ebisu and artist Gintarou bringing it to life. The series follows the budding relationship between Suzuka and Yuu Nagami. Suzuka is an excellent student who wins a light novel award after writing a story about a little sister that dotes on her older brother. After getting the story picked up for serialization, Suzuka convinces her brother to act as the author in public, despite him not knowing anything about light novels. Suzuka insists that Yuu goes on dates with her, but unfortunately, Yuu only loves Suzuka’s light novel character. 

Read that last part again. Yeah, Yuu needs to learn a thing or two from other incest series protagonists. Regardless, the anime series airs this Fall, so we'll see what happens between these two.

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