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Ayla is Old, but Still Sexy
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 months ago • 11 comments

I was recently going back to some of my favorite Let’s Players, Two Best’s always sad when I remember them. I was watching their Chrono Trigger Let’s Play and when they ran into Ayla, it made me remember how much I loved her. It’s something about her cave woman vibe, and way of talking that gets to me. She has no knowledge of how humans of today's standard acts or behaves, which makes me believe that sex with her would be something wild. Ayla would definitely be a top and the one who would be in charge in bed. Giving you that good snu snu.

And I know there’s two other girls, Marle and Lucca, but they have nothing on Ayla for me. You think Marle or Lucca would fuck on the rocks like Ayla would.

Do you think Ayla is the best girl in Chrono Trigger? Would you fuck a cave woman? Would you fuck on the rocks? Tell us in the comments.