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Why the Female Byleth Outfit is Fine in Fire Emblem Three Houses
By ImJustThatKinky • 8 months ago • 22 comments

People are loving Fire Emblem Three Houses, and I can see why. But there are a few problems that people are having with the game. Some of those problems range from the MCs, Byleth, male and female design, to the romantic options that the Byleth can pursue. Well today, I want to talk about the different outfits that was chosen for the male and female Byleth. Here’s a picture of their design.

And here’s the design that everyone wanted.

Like with any male and female design, people were complaining about how much more clothing the male Byleth wore compared to the female counterpart. But that’s just it. Female counterpart. Males and females wear different things and also have different priorities when it comes to what they wear. Usually girls want to look cute, sexy, and not wear a bunch of clothes that are too big, baggy, and stuffy. That’s why the female Byleth went for a more sexy but deadly look. And before you hit me with the “but she’s fighting on a battlefield. Why wouldn’t she wear more armor?” Easy, she’s a bad ass bitch. She’d rather have light armor so she can move more easily and dodge, instead of us men who relies on our armor to protect our bodies. Also, have you seen girls nowadays. It’s the fucking middle of the winter and girls would be wearing booty shorts. So if the cold as fuck winter isn’t going to stop them from dressing sexy, then what the fuck makes you think some fuckboi with a sword would? But don’t worry, people might just start complaining about how the female Byleth can't wear pants and doesn’t have a hat like the male Byleth in the DLC outfits.

If you want to complain about something, complain about the dumb hole in Edelgard outfit. That shit triggers me!

Are you fine with the female design? Do you wear light clothing in the winter? Have you played FIre Emblem Three Houses? Tell us in the comments below.