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Is Nessa Black or Tan?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 month ago • 47 comments

I saw this argument going around in a random thread once. I’m not sure where, but I remember seeing it around the time the whole white Nessa thing was going on. I guess the people who were saying that she was tan was trying to defend the people who were turning Nessa skin white.

No bitch! It’s just that I don’t like it when people give me vanilla ice cream when I asked for chocolate.

Now I’m on the side that believes she’s black. When people create tan characters, they’re usually a more orange or caramel color, not really the shade of brown that Nessa is. But I understand. Since Nessa doesn’t have big ass lips, and isn’t rapping every 3 seconds, or saying “dog” in every sentence, it’s hard to believe that she’s black.

This is the type of tan I’m used to seeing in Japanese media.

Now the real question here is, does it really matter? Well yes, and no. No, it doesn’t really matter if she’s black or white, but it does matter if someone is trying to make a character something that they’re not. Calling her tan when she obviously has the brown skin of someone who is black, seems like you’re just trying to create some outrage.

Do you think Nessa is tan or black? Do you think it matters whether Nessa is tan or black? Do you think the people calling Nessa tan are just trying to create outrage? Tell us in the comments.