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What is 'Death-Grip Syndrome'? How No Nut November Might Be Good For Your Health
By Yung Namahage • 7 months ago

It's time. December has finally arrived. Those who took part in No Nut November, we salute you, and now your watch has ended. If, like me, you didn't partake and you're still out here jerking off on the regular, I recently discovered something that might make you wanna hold fire for a little while.

Let me tell you about death-grip syndrome, a medical concept that, as far as I know, has nothing to do with a certain experimental hip hop band. In a nutshell, death-grip syndrome is when excessive & tight masturbation, usually in people that've been wanking from an early age, leads to nerve endings in the genitals getting desensitized over time. Before you know it, it's gets harder to get hard and reach orgasm. Hell, even sex feels worse after you get used to the death grip, and god knows how embarrasing that would be. Women aren't safe either; dead vagina syndrome can happen for the same reason if you frequently use large dildos, high-powered vibrators or showerheads to get off.

Image result for hentai showerhead

                       Don't masturbate to this image too hard!


Scary shit, right? So, how can you prevent it from happening? You need to remember that masturbation isn't a race to cum as soon as possible. Take your time, get into the groove and enjoy the journey before you reach your destination. Or you can use an onahole that doesn't clamp down on your nerve tissue as tight as your hand. Or, if you really wanna get over it, take a break from beating off.

Don't get me wrong; I'm no medical professional and I'm definitely not trying to scare anyone away from self-pleasuring, but you gotta put your health first. What's the worst that can happen if you go couple days without knocking one out? I'll tell you what definitely will happen, though: that ultimate release at the end of a period of abstaining will be that much better. You don't have to wait until next November to cut down on busting nuts, but if you wanna improve your sexual health and read into this some more then click here.

Did you take part in NNN this year? How did you manage it? Have you ever encounted death-grip syndrome before? Let us know below!