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What Causes an Anime Outrage?
By WakeUpSnooze • 8 months ago • 29 comments

Man, I love a good comedy. And this season I’m enjoying the fuck out of Joshi Kōsei no Mudazukai, or Wasteful Days of High School Girls in English. It’s been killing it with a dry sense of humor this season while just recently delivering a more serious and inspiring episode that had your boy putting a new level of respect on this show’s name. But today I’m here to talk about a specific episode that aired a few weeks prior. 

The show has a large cast that it rotates through across each episode to keep things fresh and the comedic potential constantly changing. A few weeks ago the show gave some screen time to Lily (the blonde) and Loli (yes that's her nickname, and yes she’s in high school) pictured above in the cover image for this article. As you may be able to tell, Lily is a lesbian. In the episode she works with Loli to find her a decent bra and outfits as Loli has little to no knowledge about anything remotely sexual. It’s cute, it’s funny, loved it. You know my yuri-loving ass was having a ball. But as the episode progressed I realized one thing, and I had to have a conference with Kinky, who agreed.

Holy shit, when’s the outrage gonna happen? I won’t lie. Lily’s a bit of a freak, not afraid to rub her friends’ boobs and sniff her hands clean like an old man in a hentai afterwards. I mean, I’m totally down, but the general public? We see complaints about sexual stuff in anime nowadays for the smallest of shit, like the little uprisings that happened surrounding Tamaki in Fire Force and the female protagonist of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Alas, the outrage never came. I haven’t seen a single complaint, and that made me beg the question: what causes an anime outrage? Thus leading me to the idea for this article. I’m going to write three possible reasons as to why nobody gave a shit from perspectives I don’t necessarily share, and you guys tell me which one of the three you think is the most feasible. Or you can always say your own.

You know, at least Lily is a relatable character to lesbians and males alike.


Imaginary, listen you fuck, you were never popular in high school so you don’t understand how much popularity matters. Nobody has even heard of this comedy, let alone is watching it, so there’s no fuel for the outrage. Complainers know that whining about underrated shows is never going to get them anywhere because an outrage movement is fueled on people actually knowing about the content. That’s why Fire Force was targeted, because it’s a much bigger name. The same goes for Goblin Slayer. There are much bloodier, more offensive, anime titles out there to choose from to be upset about. However, since they didn’t have the reputation and notoriety that Goblin Slayer had, nobody gave a shit. As long as something doesn’t get popular, the chance of an outrage forming is slim to none.

Double Standard

Imaginary, listen you fuck, do you know people? People are the most hypocritical, biased, two-faced pieces of shit when it comes to men and women. You think there’s gonna be an outrage because a GIRL was touching other girls inappropriately? Wake up, my dude. We live in a society where kicking a guy in the balls is a source of primetime comedy, but the mere thought of punching a girl’s boobs or vagina is an unheard of concept that only Satan himself would write in a script. Currently men are in the spotlight for being nationwide creeps and needing to fix their views on women. A guy saying he was raped by a girl has been laughed at. And you seriously expected people to be upset about this? Get real. Maybe if Lily was Leeroy and touching Loli like that people might be upset, but as it is an anime outrage based on something sexual ain’t happening unless the perpetrator is a guy.

How can you stay mad at that face?


Imaginary, listen you fuck, do you understand comedy? When people go into a comedy, whether that be an anime, TV show, book, whatever, they expect some wild shit. Comedy is known to touch on unconventional topics and be unsafe. But because the viewer typically prepares for that, they aren’t taken by surprise when a dark or not politically correct joke pops up. Additionally people know that comedies aren’t meant to be taken seriously. Nobody watches a comedy expecting accurate and upstanding portrayals of how people should act. If this was a more serious and realistic anime then perhaps people would be upset , but as it is nobody watched Wasteful Days of High School Girls for deep philosophical insight. Unless an anime has a serious tone, it’s not likely to see people angry over it. 

Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: it’s only a matter of time before the next outrage. Personally I have to pick popularity as the leading indicator of the life or death of an uproar. You can’t hate what you don’t know. Did you see a reasoning that you agreed with? Have your own? Cup some boobs to make Lily proud and leave a comment below!