My Hero Academia Censorship be Wild in the Philippines and Indonesia
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 months ago • 13 comments

No, that thumbnail picture is not fake. You would think that this was another dumb Twitter person editing the cover in an attempt to make it “better”, but that’s actually the official cover of the Indonesian copy of My Hero Academia. It makes you wonder how far did the they go when it comes to censoring what’s inside the manga.

And the censorship doesn’t stop there. In the Philippines, on April 7th, the episode where Momo’s hero costume is finally revealed was censored heavily to the point of obscurity.

I hate seeing censorship like this. One, because it has no reason to be censored in the first place when there’s no problem to begin with. And Two, why even air the show when you’re going to go above and beyond to censor the most simplest of things. That blur is just an eye sore and distracts from the show.

Do you think they’re overreacting with the censors? Should they have not picked the show up if their going to censor it so heavily? Does anyone support this amount of consoring? Tell us in the comments below.