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Watch Out! The Grim Reaper's Here To Steal Your Heart!
By WakeUpSnooze • 9 months ago

Ah yes, we’re nearing the end of October now. I’ve just finished preparing my house for any attacks from the neighborhood rugrats. There will be no tricks on my watch, just a bunch of treats available for me to eat. Speaking of treats, I’m here today to let you know about a spooky little sex game that’s in development. 

The Grim Reaper Who Reaped My Heart is a short (at least right now) visual novel game being developed by Kamuo. The game focuses on their OC, Vel-chan, who looks like and claims to be a Grim Reaper here to kill you. A playable demo is available on Itch for free with a censored boobjob scene. You can get it here. The uncensored version is available through Kamuo’s Patreon, here. There are five updates planned for the game, each concentrating on a different sex scene. Regardless, the full game will be available for free when it’s done, but with censoring. Not a bad tradeoff if you ask me.

Yeah that blink animation looks pretty clean, thanks for asking.

The real scoop here is the level of animation production for an independent developer. Vel-chan blinks, looks at you, looks at her game, moves her fingers around while playing, and you best believe that the sex scene is animated. These components all work together to really make her feel alive in a way that’s not common for visual novels. Most of the time its a static 2D image. A combination of hand-drawn animation and CG are used to bring Vel-chan to life in a way I haven’t seen since playing games that use Live2D technology. It’s mentioned on the Itch post that the developer will be prioritizing animation, and it clearly shows in the demo. It’s also mentioned that the story is meant to be dumb and cute, and I think setting expectations early is a good idea. Personally I hope some more voicing is added besides standard moaning (which is what's currently included), but I’m feeling the vibe that it’s not a priority for this project. Ultimately I just hope other creators can admire and perhaps pick up a few tricks regarding the level of animation achieved here without Live2D.

Got it memorized?

Will you be meeting this Grim Reaper? Do you value animation in your games? Ready for Halloween? Steal my soul in the comments below.