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What is an Onahole?
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago

When you’re as lonely as me, you begin thinking about other ways to pleasure yourself. First it was with audio porn, then I got into online roleplay, and I also tried to enjoy myself some good old literature...lewd fanfictions. I tried out different visual and audible materials to help bring me different feeling of pleasure, maybe it’s time to try out a different tool to help me with experiencing something different, a.k.a not my hands. That’s why I finally dived in and ordered myself my very own, real life...onahole!

An onahole is pretty much the Japanese variant of a fleshlight. I never tried a fleshlight before and since I’m a weeb of course I’d rather try an onahole than a fleshlight. When checking out onaholes, they seem to have more variety than its American counterpart, even if those varieties are kind of weird and maybe off putting for some. Some of the different types I saw were bumpy, virgin tight, yandere (which a reviewer said it felt like it was bullying his dick), pissing onaholes, little sister hole, futahole, and so much more. So with that, my excitement and curiosity for this product is pretty high, so that’s why I want to review one of these products here on the site once it arrives. This could be a review for all you guys who wanted to try an onahole out but always wanted to hear someone’s opinion first.

It’s good to start off basic, so I decided to try out the Erotic Number! Momose (Normal Type).

And if it does me some justice, I’ll be up for trying out the Erotic Number! Kokonoe (Soft Type)

and hard versions Erotic Number! Touka (Hard Type).

Have you ever used an onahole? Which one of these onaholes would you use? Does it suck being lonely? Tell us in the comments below.