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Does Sprite Sex Animation Get You Off?
By ImJustThatKinky • 6 months ago

There are many differnt type of sex games out there. It only used to be visual novels, but they’ve expanded to genres like rpgs, racers, and side scrolling platformers. And with NSFW games exploring new genres, you can start being creative in how you implement the sex in your game. Future Fragments is a metroidvania style sex game that has the standard sex CG scenes you’ll see in a visual novel, but they also have chibi sprite sex.

Now the reason I wanted to bring this topic up is because I always wondered what was the intended purpose of the animated sprite sex. Is it just a visual and aesthetic choice? Or is it jerk off material? SInce sex acts involvng the chracter sprites are usually a bad thing and is damaging your character, the sprites are usually placed into a gallery for people to view later, so you could jerk off to them then. But, I feel like the character models are usually too chibi or pixelated for me to get any sexual gratification from them. I see sprite sex as just a little extra flair that is put in because it’s a sex game and they can. But there maybe people out there who enjoy jerking it to some good ass sprites?    

I'll stick with jerking off to pictures.

If you want to check out Future Fragments, head over to their Patreon.

What do you think about sprite sex? Do you jerk off to them? Is it just an aesthetic choice? Tell us in the comments.