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The Oshi no Ko English Dub Is Getting Worse?!
By ImJustThatKinky • 11 months ago

Most people on this site, most likely watch their anime subbed. They’re faster to release, they’re the original way to watch it, and since most of us don’t understand Japanese, it’s hard to point out if a performance is bad or not. But, when we can understand the language, the problems and hiccups are all too easy to point out. Like in this recent Oshi no Ko clip.

Now it’s up to you guys. Which do you think sounds better? Japanese, or English? I’ve already written an article before about the Oshi no Ko English dub, and I didn’t think I would have to write another one, but this time, the drama and complaints went even farther. It went so far that the English dub VAs had to make statements.

It’s also crazy that a show that had an episode dedicated to cyberbullying, and how it can affect and hurt someone, didn’t click with some of these people. A Twitter user had to delete their tweet because of how much people were shitting on Akane in the comments. It got really toxic.

Now my honest opinion on which one I like better. I would have to go with the Japanese dub easily. But the funny thing is, I don’t think Akane’s VA is bad. I think what was really bad was the directing. Like, Akane was supposed to act like Ai in that moment, which the Japanese portrayed. The English dub Akane didn’t sound like Ai, didn’t sound sleepy like the line and scene called for. It was all off the mark. It wasn’t like her acting was bad, it’s just that the director seemingly didn’t tell her the right thing to act. So sometimes, it’s not always the actors to blame, there’s so many other factors to consider. So hopefully people chill out on attacking the VAs, we don’t need the English dub VA to become Akane IRL.

Don't worry Kristen, it's going to be okay.

What sounds better, the Japanese dub or the English dub? Do you think Akane English dub VA did a bad job? Do you think it’s the director to blame? Tell us in the comments.