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Shibuki Oroshi Love Himself Some Mitsuru
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 years ago


Persona 3 is a game with many waifus to choose from, and husbandos if you play Persona 3 Portable. My waifu was obvious best girl Fuuka. (I honestly only like her design. Short hair girls for the win.) And I don’t usually do yuri, but when I do, it’s always with Sayori. But, there was one girl that we all looked at from afar and knew that she was our true waifu, but we couldn’t have her since we followed the sacred “Bro Code”. But not Shibuki Oroshi, he broke the Bro Code, and stoled Mitsuru from our boy Akihiko, and even drew porn of her! Akihiko has official been cucked.

Shibuki Oroshi is a member of the doujin circle Esebateira. Born in Hokkaido, but now resides in Kyoto. Oroshi’s favorite things are big tits, Mitsuru Senpai, and big titted Mitsuru Senpai. (I didn’t put those together just to be funny, the fucker actually wrote that on his website.) The doujins he like to parody are Persona 3 and 5, he also does Metal Gear Solid doujins. But Oroshi has also achieved something that I believe many doujin artists hope to achieve one day. He final published his first original doujin named Toraware Ikasare Otosarete.


"I became a black girl from white gals. I think that I feel more like a girl." This is an actual quote from Oroshi's website. (Remind you it was Google Translated) He is saying that white girls aren't actual girls! :0

Shibuki Oroshi may have finally published an original doujin, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten his roots. Oroshi is a man who like girls that are smart, strong, and the school's student council president. He started off doing mainly doujins about Mitsuru Kirijo from Persona 3. He love Mitsuru so much that he even did a cross-over with her and Amagi’s Brilliant Park. But when Persona 5 came out, Oroshi found himself a new waifu, Makoto Niijima. I wonder why he didn’t do any of the girls from Persona 4? Maybe because none of them were smart, strong, and the school’s student council president. His art style is kinda weird with girls having huge tits, and large head, that are being supported by there thin bodies. I guess he didn’t lie when he said he liked big tits. He also did some untranslated Akihiko doujins for the ladies out there that know how to read Japanese.

He may love Mitsuru and Makoto, but he still take time away from his waifus a draw an amazing trap like Bridget. This man has good taste.

Now like I said, I like me some Mitsuru, so it was a joy reading all of Shibuki Oroshi’s doujins. Now I’m going to recommend my top 3 Shibuki Oroshi doujins.

I’m surprised that I put this one as second, seeing that it has the blackmail and anal tag attached to it, two of my favorite kinks! But, it just didn’t have that extra, pow that my number one has. Mitsuru is being the good senpai that she is and has come to rescue Yukari. But the only way to get Yukari back is to please her kidnappers with her mouth and other holes. Now Mitsuru is one of those ride or die motherfuckers, friend of the year award goes to her. But it was to late, Yukari has already become a cock loving whore and Mitsuru will soon follow.

Why do I like this one so much? To be honest, I can’t even explain it myself, but I know that this one out of all of them is one I’ll be coming back too. Mitsuru is still inexperience and shelter from the thing known as “sex”. But with rape her fiance (who gives off a huge rape vibe) coming in the help her, that will all soon change.

In my article, Top 5 Persona 5 doujins, I stated that I wanted to see more Sai Niijima doujins translated. Well my wish can finally come true with the help of you guys. Hit up the REQUEST, and go vote for Bijin Shimai Jitsuroku Shinjuku Ura Seitai. With your help, I can help waste more time jerking off.

So, what do did you think? Do you love Mitsuru as much as Oroshi? Do you stand by the Bro Code? Do you want more Sai doujins? Do you think I link my old article because I was being lazy? Tell us in the comments below.