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Frieren Is The Most Boring Anime Of The Season
By ImJustThatKinky • 3 weeks ago

Maybe I’m an asshole for thinking this, but I feel like the people who aren’t into Frieren have short attention spans. Like, everyone can have their own opinions and stuff like that, but it’s also okay if you question those people's opinions. Also, I came up with this topic when I saw someone call Frieren boring on Twitter, but the tweet was recently deleted.

Now, before anyone gets mad at me, I’m just joking about people who don’t like Frieren having short attention spans (slightly), but I do wonder why they don’t like Frieren. It’s such a well crafted series, from it’s character, it’s story, and for a show some are calling boring, they couldn’t even complain about the animation aspect of the show, with Madhouse being behind the product.

It’s crazy, because me and my friend have this argument about how he thinks Frieren is boring, while he’s loving Solo Leveling. Now I don’t think Solo Leveling is bad in any way, but compared to Frieren, it’s just another action series. Decent characters, decent story, and you’re pretty much there for the action. While I feel like Solo Leveling just has one cool aspect carrying it, Frieren’s whole package is what I watch it for.

He's been solo leveling this whole time!

Dislike Frieren all you want, but it is the top anime of this season for a reason. It’s not a series for everyone, I can see that. But, it’s a series that does what it set out to do. And with it juggling a great story, its ever evolving cast of characters, and world building, I feel like the show is doing a lot of things right.

Do you think Frieren is boring? Do you like Solo Leveling? Can you atleast see why Frieren is good? Tell us in the comments.