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Subverse Beta is Here!
By ImJustThatKinky • 7 months ago • 16 comments

The Subverse beta is finally here! And it’s...kind of disappointing. Now if you were excited for the shmup style space combat, then you’ll be happy with this beta. But if you were excited for the sex scenes (like the majority of usl) then you’ll be sorely disappoint with this beta. Here’s gameplay:

To have access to the beta, you had to donate $75 to the Subverse Kickstarter. Now $75 to play a beta for a sex game without the sex, now that would be a disappointment for me. And it’s not even the gameplay part I’m excited about, I’m more interested in the XCOM style gameplay that they showed off. And I’m not asking for them to have every single sex scene in the beta, just one as a teaser. But, the game has a long way to go, so hopefully in the future, beta testers will get more BANG for their buck...that was a sex joke…and they get to test out a sex scene. Cause if they get to test out a sex scene, that mean we get to see a sex scene. A win win I'd say.

Would you be disappointed if you donated for the beta testers tier? Do you think they should have had atleast one sex scene for the beta? When do you think beta testers will finally get a sex scene, if ever? Tell us in the comments.