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Kunoichi Figures Come to Infiltrate
By Kasaix • 7 months ago • 9 comments

Someone commented on the Belldandy article that they couldn't find any figures of the many sexy ladies of Naruto. Well I couldn't leave someone hanging, so I searched around J-List and found a couple. This is for you, my cultured friend. Sadly I couldn't find Tenten, Shizune, or Mei Terumi.

First up, we have the NARUTO GALS HYUGA HINATA Ver. Splash. Naruto's actual waifu of the series from the Shippuden series in a swimsuit. Next to her is NARUTO GALS YAMANAKA INO. One of two girls who wanted to be Sasuke's waifu, before she ended up with Sai. Likewise, she's coming from the Shippuden series. These two are up for pre-order, with Hinata coming out September and Ino due out in January.

J-List has a limited selection here, so I swung by Amazon and found something more. 

First, Naruto Gals: Temari Figure. The Naruto gals have top tier cleavage, as is apparent with her and Hinata. Next to her is Naruto Gals: Sakura Haruno (Splash Version). She actually got Sasuke in the end, but it seems a loss more than a win since he's never home.

Next up is the Seventh Hokage himself, who has probably had some uncomfortable discussions with his children about why people have pictures of him as a girl: Naruto Shippuden Uzumaki Justu Version. In my headcanon, he and Hinata have some kinky yuri times. Next to her we have Naruto Gals: Tsunade (Splash Version), the woman who looks way younger than she actually is. Jiraya couldn't seal the deal, and that may be the saddest thing of all. Fortunately, Naruto fills in for him, as you can see in all the doujins we have HERE on the site!