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Shonen Jump Stealth Fanservice Gathers Controversy
By Yung Namahage • 8 months ago

Shueisha's Shonen Jump is undisputably one of the most popular and important magazines in the manga world, giving us classics like Dragon Ball and One Piece plus more contemporary hits like Demon Slayer and My Hero Acdemia to name a few. As the name suggests, the primary demographic is young males (shonen = boy), so it's kinda surprising that they managed to seemingly hide nudity on one page, especially considering Japan's strict censorship laws.

Issue 48 of Weekly Shonen Jump holds a lewd secret. One page features an image of the titular Yuuna fromYuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs with her boobs out. Definitely racy but at least the nipples are blurred out.

The next page houses a manga about girls drinking boba tea, featuring a prominent panel showing some strategically placed tapioca pearls.

But if you shine a blue light over Yuuna's page you can see the tapioca pearls from overleaf, making it more anatomically correct but less SFW.

Japanese shonen fans are arguing over this on social media, with some claiming that Shueisha are willingly exposing children and teens to obscene content, while others assert that it's probably just a lewd coincidence. But this isn't the first time Yuuna has attracted controversy for being too sexy: in 2017, a lawyer in Japan urged parents not to let their kids read the Shonen Jump for featuring the manga, which she claimed had problematic depictions of sexual harassment as fanservice. Shueisha continued to run the manga from then until now, but it remains to be seen if they'll respond to the criticism stemming from this.

What do you think of the ghost nipple case? Do you believe it's an honest mistake or are they intentionally trying to slip some fanservice under the radar? Let us know below!