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Top 5 Persona 5 Doujins
By ImJustThatKinky • 2 years ago

“FOR REAL?! There’s Persona 5 doujins on this site?!”

Yes, “FOR REAL?!”, we have plenty of Persona 5 doujins on this site to choose from. And yes, they are all unique in their own special ways. But for today’s post, I’ll be telling you my Top 5 favorite Persona 5 doujins and the reason I will always be cumming back for another read through. So it’s time for you to wake up, get up, and stay indoors, because you’re going to have your time filled with experiencing each of these wonderful doujins.

5. Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Koibito by Shibuki Oroshi

This is a doujin about the second best waifu in the game, Makoto Niijima. (Kawakami is the best, fight me!) Makoto is having a little personal dilemma with herself. She and Joker have already maxed their social link, but they still haven’t had sex yet. She fantasizes and masturbates to the thought of them one day finally going all the way, but it never happens. Until in a twist of fate, she finally gets Joker alone and seduces him into some nice, sweet, vanilla sex. Oh, but it doesn’t end there. They both say fuck it to school rules, we’re going to take this to the library, and you know what, fuck it, let’s take this to Mementos, it’s not like there are shadows around or anything, let’s just fuck. Throughout their journey the two grow more and more absorbed into their sex escapade, and so did I.

4. Christmas with the Niijima Sisters by Jean Louis

Oh, hey there second best waifu, you’re back. Oh, and you brought your way hotter older sister who I can’t FUCKING romance in the game with you, nice. Yes, this doujin let’s you have a taste of both of the Niijima sisters, Sae and Makoto. It has the simple premise that it’s Christmas, and Joker has to decide who he wants to spend it with. He goes to the wonderful ladies’ home, makes them wear bunny costumes, and enjoys himself a hot, juicy, sister threesome sandwich. This doujin quickly grabbed my attention when I saw Sae on the cover. There’s plenty of Sae doujins out there but not many that are translated, so you can bet I was ready to hop on this one. But…it would be great if an AMAZING website would happily translate the rest of them for me, it's almost Christmas anyways (wink wink nudge nudge

3. Women's Sexual Appeal Is Too Strong by Ebisu

On to the third contender in this list. Now this one is a bit more kinkier than the others. Think of the story like this, you are Joker and you just casted Marin Karin on all your female party members and have also charmed the Velvet Room attendants. The art also adds to the kinkiness of it, with its very dark, rough, and dirty look.

2. Kousei wa Junchou desu by Rokusyou Kokuu

In Persona 3 and Persona 4 you were able to romance the Velvet Room attendants, Elizabeth and Margaret. Sadly, you can’t say the same for Persona 5. Justine and Caroline are completely off-limits when it comes to romancing them. However, that’s where the magic of doujins plays its part. Igor has left the Velvet Room and the two decide to help you further your rehabilitation. It’s like the saying goes, “When the master’s away, the children comes out to play”... take that as you will. Anyway, a very solid and quick to the point doujin that I can say I enjoyed proudly.  

1. LET US START THE SEX by Utamaro

 Now for my number one, the holy grail of fuckery, the "OH MY GOD I get to fuck every single girl in the game, even the side bitches!” Yes, even the side bitches. I could talk about every single little detail about this, like how every single girl is written with their in-game personality, not just some generic slutty lines, or how you get to sex it with my girl Shiho, someone who’s not even a social link, or how every girl receives a great amount of panel time, or…you get the point. I feel like this is one that is a must read if you want to experience every single taste of the Persona 5 rainbow. So hurry and go check it out!




“Yeah um…sorry Joker. I won’t be free to head out to the palace today. Because, you know…I’m studying and stuff…”

 What are your favorite Persona 5 doujins? Do you agree with my choices? Is Kawakami always best girl? Tell me in the comment below, I promise I don’t bite. :3