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Nutaku Releasing Taimanin Asagi: Battle Arena
By ImJustThatKinky • 1 year ago • 6 comments


Nutaku is here once again to bring you guys something that you’ve all wanted and that’s a english release of one of the games from the ever so beloved Taimanin Asagi series! But here’s the mix up, it’s the card game one! Finally, we get that hentai Heart Stone we always wanted.


Nutaku announced plans to release the english version of Taimanin Asagi: Battle Arena sometimes this year. This announcement was brought to us through twitter:



We're happy to announce that the infamous battle game Taimanin Asagi: Battle Arena will be coming to Nutaku later this year! Enter a world of female anti-demon ninjas who hunt down and slay these evil fiends in this twisted world. #DMM #taimaninasagi #eroge #webgame #ax2018


While the Taimanin Asagi series are usually H visual novels, Taimanin Asagi: Battle Arena is instead a card  game, where you collect character cards of characters from Taimanin Asagi, creating a team, and fighting off bosses. There is also a PvP mode, for if you get tired of fighting bosses. Characters are obtained and are leveled by a gacha system. Each character comes with their own attack, defense, and skills.

Now as most may already know, Taimanin Asagi is not on the PG-13 side, hell, I’m not sure if it’s on the rated R side. But Nutaku has stated that no scenes will be cut once the game release. The game will be a free browser game release, so stay tooned for the review once it’s out. I’m going to have to get Imaginary on that.

Are you happy that you’re getting a hentai card game? Is this wasted opportunity? Are you ready to DUEL?! Tell us in the comments below.