Nutaku Bring Adult Gaming to eSports
By ImJustThatKinky • 8 months ago • 5 comments

Adult games are starting to become something more then jerk off material, they’re becoming professional and competitive jerk off material! Now this isn’t a who can jerk off faster to adult games compilation, this is some real shit. Nutaku has announced the World’s First Adult Game eSports Tournament! Everyone get your dicks ready!

Nutaku is holding the very first ever Adult Game eSports Tournament called the Lewd Gaming Championship, sponsored by YouPorn. The game of choice will be Tit ‘n’ Tanks, here’s a summary:

The Spiritual Induction System has been activated, allowing new weapons to come into being. Now that the military Tank academy has been established, humans are now using their minds to control fighting systems.

Talented young women have been selected by the system and upgraded for combat efficiency. There are 3 factions that contain 5 girls each. All girls have passive and active skills that will have an effect on your tank stats. Move wisely, as the borders are now the battlefield.

The enemy is relentless, but so are our girls. As feisty as they are smart, these combat-ready hotties are awaiting your orders!

Which side will you choose?

64 player will duke it out in tanks in a single-elimination match tournament. The winner of the eliminate will receive a $25,000 prize money. Loser don’t go home empty handed, all participants will receive a free 12 month membership to YouPorn.

So what are you waiting for grab your dicks-I mean tanks and head over to NUTAKU and join the hot girls, doing tank things fun!

Are you going to join the tournament? Is this a cool thing for adult games? Have you've played Tits 'n' Tanks? Tell us in the comments below.