New Love Live! Arcade Game has Accidental Nude Mode
By Yung Namahage • 5 months ago • 0 comments

Fanservice is nothing new in the ever-popular idol franchise Love Live! But now things have unintentionally gone a little too far.

Square Enix's arcade rythm game Love Live! School Idol Festival: After School Activity was launched two years ago in Japan. As part of the series' 5th anniversary, it recieved a major update titled Next Stage, bringing with it new songs, mechanics and outfits. Plus a glitch that renders the school idols naked.

As you're probably aware, newly released games tend to have a few bugs and glitches that might've evaded playtesters. In this case, the character models have been created without clothing as it makes it easier to change outfits and animate clothing seperately. The same can be said in games like The Sims, and like in there the nude character models, which are never intended to be seen unclothed by players, are rendered without nipples and genitalia. For some reason, the new update appears to have induce a glitch where clothing fails to appear on the characters, making them dance in their virtual birthday suits.

Japanese Twitter is abuzz with people sharing photos and clips of this lewd occurrence. Square Enix have apparently shut down all After School Activity arcade machines until they can fix the problem, but it has already been documented for eternity on social media. If you want to see the naked idol dancing in action, check here